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NHMA 30th Anniversary Celebration and Leadership Summit - Clinical Trials Diversity Breakfast Session A
April 13, 2024
During NHMA's 30th Anniversary Celebration summit, a session focused on clinical trials diversity featured speaker Dr. Martin Mendoza, Director of Health Equity of NIH’s All of Us Research Program. Dr. Mendoza emphasized the program's dedication to fostering trust within historically marginalized communities, gathering comprehensive health data, and providing personalized genetic information to participants. He highlighted the tiered access to de-identified data for researchers, fostering diverse research endeavors.

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Researcher Engagement Webinar and Workbench Demo 
February 6, 2024

Watch below for an insightful session that includes comprehensive walkthroughs of the Researcher Workbench, as well as high-level overviews of the All of Us program, its data, and the Workbench tools. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of the All of Us program and learn how to effectively utilize the Researcher Workbench for your research needs.

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AoU Presentation to Programa de Investigación para Estudiantes de la Salud (PIES)
January 24, 2024
Witness NHMA's recent presentation to Programa de Investigación para Estudiantes de la Salud (PIES), a non-profit organization in Puerto Rico comprised of STEM undergraduate students. The session highlighted a specialized segment on the All of Us Research Program, guided by Yuri Velasquez and Meredith Wilson. 
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