Migrant Clinicians Network

Migrant Clinicians Network (MCN) in partnership with NHMA, proposes opportunities to provide comprehensive virtual education to primary care providers that address knowledge gaps in the identification and treatment of COVID-19 among immigrant, refugee, migrant, and limited English proficient patients. 
These populations represent a significant portion of the essential workforce including agriculture, food services, construction, and healthcare industries.
Our co-hosted webinars will provide clinicians with tools, information, and guidelines for migrant health in an outpatient setting in English and Spanish.  All content will follow existing clinical guidelines as outlined by the CDC, NIH, and the FDA.

Evolution of COVID-19 Moving Treatment to the Primary Care Setting 

In this episode Dr. Trinidad Solis, MD, MPH, Deputy Health Officer at Fresno County Department of Public Health, will address the clinical presentation of COVID-19 with a particular focus on addressing the needs of high-risk, vulnerable patients who may not have access to health care outside the outpatient setting. The discussion will include strategies to evaluate the severity of illness with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 as well as factors impacting the risk of progression to severe disease, and COVID-19 treatment options. Clinicians will learn about the evolving recommendations for treatment and management of COVID-19 for vulnerable patients in the outpatient setting.

COVID Care at the US-Mexican Border: Lessons learned and national impacts | COVID's Lasting Impact  


In this episode, ‘COVID Testing, Treatment, and Management at the US-Mexico Border: Lessons Learned and National Impacts’, Dr. Roberto Johansson, MD, PhD, FAAP, General and Critical Care Pediatrician at Salud de Familiar La Fe in El Paso, Texas, and episode host, MCN’s Chief Program Officer of International and Emerging Issues, Deliana Garcia, discussed what changed with COVID testing, treatment, and management in border communities, and the national impacts it has had. Stigma and discrimination have played a role in addressing COVID in unique border communities, and important issues for the future of COVID and other infectious diseases. Find this series, a part of Migrant Clinicians Network podcast, ‘On the Move with MCN’, wherever you listen to podcasts, or click one of these. 

 Addressing COVID-19 in Special Populations with Underlying Co-Morbidities


The influence of comorbidities on COVID-19 outcomes has been recognized since the earliest days of the pandemic. Conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, some cancers, asthma, and other conditions can worsen the outcomes for patients who also have COVID.  Understanding the impact of comorbidity in COVID-19 it enables prioritization for interventions such as preventive measures, vaccination, and early treatment. In this session, Dr. Gaeta will discuss the challenges posed by co-morbidities, particularly for low-income and low-resourced populations such as migrants and immigrants. Dr. Gaeta will address strategies for screening, prevention, and treatment of patients with COVID-19 and underlying co-morbidities.


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For physician and patient resources available: HispanicHealth.info serves to provide extensive, accessible resources to members of our community in both English and Spanish. NHMA cultivates credible sources to ensure that the information we provide is accurate, reliable, and relevant.