Organizational Membership

Organizational Membership offers additional value-added benefits, including representing key health policy issues, opportunities to advance careers through training and workshops, and networking with other accomplished professionals in healthcare. A one-year Organizational Membership entitles your organization to:


Get Involved with NHMA Leadership Fellowship

We are bringing back our NHMA Leadership Fellowship, an executive leadership program over 8 months for mid-career or more experienced Hispanic physicians with leadership experience and commitment to improving health equity with public health activities and leadership careers. Note some of our Fellows have become NYC Health Commissioner, California State Public Health Department leaders, US Department of Health and Human Services leaders, and Medical Education leaders. This Fellowship is closed for 2021, please check back in 2022!


Join the NHMA Medical School Liaison Program

We appoint a physician or resident from among our membership to meet 3 times a year with a medical school’s Latino Medical Student Association chapter and other students to provide motivation and insights about career options. For more information: 


Get Connected with NHMA Chapters, Council of Young Physicians, Council of Residents Networks

NHMA has chapters now in Northern CA, Southern CA, New Mexico, Phoenix, Greater El Paso, San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley, Gulf Coast, Chicago, Indianapolis, Nebraska, Greater Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, DC Metro, Atlanta, and Miami. We seek speakers and networking from your faculty, residents, and students. 


Invest in your Employees with NHMA Nominations Program for Professionals

NHMA strongly believes in leadership development for its members and sends nomination opportunities to them every Friday. The opportunities range from committees and advisory boards in the Federal Government and private sector to NHMA and other health professionals associations committees.


Diversity and Inclusion 

The need for increased Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace has been highlighted in the past few years. NHMA has always advocated for more Hispanic and Latino representation within medicine and executive teams making decisions that affect the health of minority populations. By investing in your organization and becoming an organizational member at NHMA, you can put your open positions in our newsletters (1,4296 subscribers)- getting these opportunities in front of diverse candidates. Not only will increasing diversity benefit the Hispanic and Latino community, DEI has been shown to increase profits and overall satisfaction for employees. 

 “Organizations should prioritize an inclusive workforce — which, as this World Economic Forum report notes, goes beyond gender, race and ethnicity, and covers factors like education, socioeconomic backgrounds and sexual orientation. Those that do tend to enjoy lower turnover and a more satisfying work culture; the potential benefits of having an inclusive business aren't limited to a healthy ethic concerning equal employment.” - ADP

In 2015, McKinsey published an influential study entitled “Why diversity matters,” the findings of which show a strong correlation between diversity and financial performance. Data from this study showed that companies with greater ethnic and racial diversity among staff performed 35% better than companies whose staff demographics matched the national average. Furthermore, companies with greater gender diversity performed 15% better than companies with less gender diversity.” - Forbes

Diverse Companies Enjoy 2.3 Times Higher Cash Flow Per Employee: One study found that over a three-year period, companies with a diverse set of employees notice a significant increase in cash flow, not just overall, but among individual contributors at the company. Diverse Management Boosts Revenue By 19%: Another study looked at companies with diverse management teams and found that, on average, they enjoyed a 19% increase in revenue compared to their less diverse counterparts. Forty-Three Percent (43%) Of Companies With Diverse Boards Noticed Higher Profits: Not only is it beneficial to have diverse employees and management, but companies with diverse boards also noticed significantly higher profits. Companies With Highly Gender-diverse Executive Teams Perform Significantly Better  Executive teams that are highly gender-diverse are found to be 21% more likely to outperform on profitability.”- Built In

With an NHMA organizational membership, you become part of a larger network of physicians and other health care professionals committed to improving health care and reducing health care disparities for Hispanics. Thank you again for your support and welcome to the NHMA family.

Join as an Organizational Member

If you have any questions about these membership options, please contact Ariel Brengle at [email protected]

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LSU School of Medicine
Ochsner Clinic Foundation
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
University of Minnesota
University of Nevada-Reno School of Medicine
Weill Medical College of Cornell University