Vaccinate For All Virtual Briefing Series 

NHMA and its partners held their first virtual briefing on COVID-19 in May of 2020. The NHMA COVID-19 Virtual Briefing Series addressed timely lessons learned by physicians and healthcare providers from the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on managing chronic care patients, mental health, the future of healthcare delivery, elderly issues, and terminal illness planning. Building upon the success of the NHMA COVID-19 Virtual Briefing Series, the Vaccinate For All Virtual Briefing Series will provide essential insights and updates on all vaccination efforts, ensuring comprehensive information for all. Stay tuned for upcoming sessions of the Vaccinate For All Virtual Briefing Series!

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October 25, 2023: Session #24 (CME)

National Hispanic Medical Association
Session #24

Wednesday, October 25, 2023 - Zoom

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Previous Webinars

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ession 6: Increasing Vaccination Rates in Latino Communities 
*Live CME*

Session 7: COVID-19 Impact on Latino and Black Communities: Where Are We Now? *Live CME*
Session 8: Monoclonal Antibody Therapy for COVID-19 Latino Patients *Live CME*
Session 9: COVID-19 and Vaccination Roundtable: Mythbusters Edition
Session 10: How to talk to the Latino Gen Z Community about the COVID-19 Vaccines *Live CME*
Session 11: COVID-19 Variants & Uptake of Vaccinations among Latinos *Live CME*
Session 12: COVID-19 Vaccines and Women's/Children’s Health (With DC/Metro Chapter) 
Session 13:  Vaccinate For All: How Medical Associations, the Private Sector, and the Media are Mobilizing Against COVID-19
Session 14: January COVID-19 Virtual Briefing Session, Veterans & Telehealth in collaboration with AMA
Session 15: Mental Health: Addressing Burnout in Healthcare and Families
Session 16: COVID-19 Isn't Over Yet: Increasing Vaccinations Among Latinos in Overlooked Hotspots *Live CME*
Session 17: COVID: The Great Unifier, Divider, and Accelerator
Session 18: Understanding Long COVID and the Future of Vaccinations*Live CME*
Session 19: Mediating the COVID-19, Influenza, and RSV Tridemic in Latinx Communities
Session 20: Enhancing Prevention Strategies and Health Outcomes Through Bilingual COVID-19 Resources*Live CME*
Session 21: "Hindsight 2020: 3 Years of Public Health Emergencies"
Session 22: "Asegurar la Equidad: Exploring Vaccination during Pregnancy for Minority Women"*Live CME*
Session 23: "Closing the Gap: Enhancing Routine Immunization Rates among Immunocompromised Latine Adults" *Live CME*


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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
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