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Established in 1994 in Washington, DC, the National Hispanic Medical Association is a non-profit association representing the interests of 50,000 licensed Hispanic physicians in the United States. NHMA is dedicated to empowering Hispanic physicians to be leaders who will help eliminate health disparities and improve the health of Hispanics.

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COVID-19 Virtual Briefing Series Session 3

July 22, 7-8 PM ET

COVID-19 Virtual Briefing Series Session 4

August 26, 7-8 PM ET

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What’s New at NHMA

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Update and NHMA Call to Action

NHMA is seeking an advisory committee for our new Health Literacy and Opioid Campaigns to provide input and materials from their research on health literacy and addiction, respectively. For the Health Literacy Advisory Committee, we are looking for a group of 6-8 individuals that include physicians from two sites – New Mexico and Los Angeles. The Opioid Advisory Committee would include physicians and clinicians from multiple sites throughout the United States. If interested, please sign up below:

NHMA Health Literacy Advisory Committee Sign-Up
NHMA Opioid Advisory Committee Sign-Up

NHHF Sponsorship Opportunities

The National Hispanic Health Foundation (NHHF) asks you to support its Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship and Mentoring Program. For 15 years, this program has awarded close to $1 million to 2666 outstanding Hispanic health professional students for their exceptional academic performance, leadership, and commitment to caring for Hispanics.

Your sponsorship will continue to support students in medicine, nursing, dentistry, public health, pharmacy, and PA schools across the U.S. In addition, the program will cover mentoring and the travel of the new scholars and their parents to the event.

Visit the NHHF website for more information on how to sponsor.

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Please make a tax-deductible donation to our Foundation, National Hispanic Health Foundation (NHHF) that will allow NHHF and NHMA continue their educational efforts to improve the health of Hispanics



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