NHMA's Vaccinate For All Efforts

Vaccinate For All is a transformative campaign dedicated to achieving equitable vaccine access for the Latine population in the United States. Our mission revolves around connecting and supporting trusted leaders nationwide, enabling them to serve the health needs of their communities effectively. By building a powerful network of Champions, we strive to overcome barriers to vaccine access and empower the Latine community to make informed vaccination decisions. Our ongoing efforts include organizational trainings through our Hispanic Health Professional Leadership Network, virtual briefing webinars, Twitter chats, insightful blogs, and engaging articles - all geared towards creating a healthier future together!  

Additionally, our approach includes a media strategy that encompasses engagement events and health fairs, social media campaigns, and regular updates to our reliable bilingual hub, HispanicHealth.org, with up-to-date information on vaccines, health, and well-being.

We have over 300 individual champions and organizational champions!

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Join us in this vital endeavor, as we work passionately to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to protect themselves and their loved ones through vaccination. Together, let's build a safer and healthier tomorrow.

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 NHMA Hispanic Health Professional Leadership Network (HHPLN) Organizational Training Calls

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Past Organizational Trainings:

Session 1: April 27th-30th, 2023 at NHMA 26th Annual Conference 
Speaker: Jose Romero, MD, MPH

Dr. Romero’s presentation offers insights on the impact of the pandemic on the Hispanic or Latino population, the need for health equity, and strategies to strengthen public health impact in COVID-19 response and other related areas. 

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Session 2: June 22, 2022 via Zoom 
Speaker: Melinda Wharton, MD, MPH

Dr. Wharton's presentation provides an overview of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), including its role in advising on vaccine recommendations, the Vaccines for Children Program, and the Affordable Care Act. It also highlights how individuals can participate in ACIP through meetings, liaison organizations, work groups, and membership.

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Session 3: September 19, 2023 via Zoom
Speaker: José T. Montero, MD, MHCDS

Discover the highlights from our recent webinar, "Strengthening the Nation's Public Health Infrastructure: A National Perspective" with Dr. José T. Montero. This insightful presentation delves into crucial topics such as partnerships to advance public health, workforce development, the role of Folic Acid in preventing neural tube defects in Hispanic communities, and much more. Explore the strategies and initiatives driving improvements in public health, and gain a better understanding of how science is translated into practical policy. Learn how health equity, modernized data, and diverse workforce development are integral to addressing the unique needs of our communities.

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Additional Vaccinate For All Resources: 

2022-2023 Vaccine Advocacy ToolKit


Vaccinate For All Virtual Briefing Series 

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For additional information or to find out ways to get involved, please email Azucena (Suzy) Turcios, Program Coordinator.