NHMA College Health Scholars Program

The National Hispanic Medical Association's College Health Scholars Program (CHSP) is a continuation of a 5-year cooperative agreement between the Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health during the years of 2017 and 2022. Given the documented success of the program, NHMA will continue its' efforts to support Latine students pursuing careers in Public Health and Medicine. To view the independent evaluation done on the previous College Health Scholars Program, please visit this link.

The NHMA College Health Scholars Program aims to increase the diversity of the health workforce by expanding the number of practicing Hispanic physicians, health professionals and scientists/researchers. This program provides pre-health college students with a variety of support including webinars and a private online student group. The principal component of CHSP is 1-1 mentoring as well as key information from medical and public health admissions experts, students and financial aid officers.

Pre-health college students are matched with a mentor, upon request, who is a health care professional or student in a post-graduate program (e.g., medical school) to participate in mentoring sessions. The purpose is to provide guidance and support to the mentee in their process of matriculating into a graduate program.

The CHSP one-on-one mentoring has been shown to be highly impactful across various domains including increased confidence, students’ belief in their ability to achieve their personal and professional goals, validation that they belong in the healthcare field, and strategies to address future obstacles.

For information to become a mentor or mentee, please click on one of the following links: 

Mentor Link
Mentee Link

To enter the Private Virtual Student Group and Webinars Hub, please login here >> CHSP Portal

 Student Feedback:

“I can’t thank you enough for being part of this program. My mentor (Adrian Espinosa) has helped me throughout my entire journey and is now helping me transition into my career!” - Gabriella Beltran, Mentee (Nursing)

“The CHSP program and its mentorship component gave me resources, words of support, and a reliable community that I know I'll continue to use throughout my journey to becoming a physician-scientist and even afterward. My mentor, the CHSP program staff, and my fellow cohort members have all been influential in my becoming confident and well-equipped to continue undertaking a difficult professional and personal journey that I know is right for me and is worth the challenges. I am forever grateful for CHSP and the incredible work they do. If given the chance, I'm excited to give back in the future as a mentor!” - Luz Alfaro, Mentee (Pre-med)

“I know that through the NHMA, it’s really nice to be able to look up[ to someone who has gone through similar experiences as yourself. So, for me, being the first one in my family to be interested in medicine and want to pursue it as a career, it’s been very inspiring. It makes those wants, dreams that didn’t seem possible at all, make them seem possible, make them seem like they’re a reality that’s in reach. So, that’s been a great encouragement to me” - Anonymous Mentee, Focus Group

Students reported that CHSP improved skills:
  • 77% preparation of applications for post-college study
  • 76% communicating in a professional context
  • 75% navigating schooling & family demands
  • 74% networking
  • 71% finding internship opportunities
Students and mentors reported that CHSP addressed the following very well/well:
  • Academic preparation: 89% mentees, 88% mentors
  • Financing: 89% mentees, 83% mentors
  • Personal/professional development: 86% mentees, 90% mentors
  • Would recommend CHSP to others: 96% mentees, 98% mentors

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]