NHMA Leadership Fellowship

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NHMA Leadership Fellowship (Applications due by: July 1, 2021)

  • The NHMA Leadership Fellowship is a training program for mid-career physicians with significant leadership experience who are committed to the work of improving public health. Fellows will participate in a weekly training facilitated by a Core Faculty team from August 2021 through October 2021 every Friday and present policy papers at NHMA’s 2022 Annual Conference in March 2022. These weekly-Friday afternoon webinars will consist of public health speakers with panels ranging from media, advocacy, and how to work with different stakeholders in the public health arena to address health disparities in the Hispanic community.

  • A 5-day retreat in DC is required the first week of February as part of the Leadership Fellowship program. During this week, seminars will be held and fellows will be meeting with the White House, HHS, OMH, and their Congressional representative to discuss public health initiatives that benefit their Hispanic constituency.

  • As part of this fellowship, you will have the opportunity to serve in a national campaign sponsored by the CDC and Johnson & Johnson as an individual Vaccinate4all Champion. This fellowship is a no-cost opportunity sponsored by the CDC to equip physicians with the tools needed to become impactful advocates and bring meaningful change within the Latino population on national and local levels.