About NHMA Programs

The National Hispanic Medical Association has developed its unique programs to improve the health of all Hispanics. The initial set of programs have built a network of physicians and key contacts with a special emphasis on leadership development and networking with the national leaders of the U.S. Federal government and the private sector involved in health care policy.

The second focus of the programs of NHMA has documented critical information from Hispanic physicians who care for Hispanic patients -cultural competence information, language services information, strategies for Hispanics without insurance and to enhance quality of healthcare and model health care delivery programs.

The third focus of the programs of NHMA is mentoring and career advancement for medical school students, public health students, residents, and physicians.

This year, NHMA programs:

Educate Physicians and healthcare providers:

 – NHMA National and Chapter Conferences

 – Working Together Against HIV –  supported by the CDC

– Campaigns for physicians and their Latino patients

       Flu for Diabetics and Heart Disease Patients – supported by Sanofi

       Cholesterol Campaign- supported by Amgen

       Stop Vaping – supported by Aetna Foundation/CVS Health

 – All of Us Research Program – supported by NIH

Educate Residents and Fellows:

 – Academic Career Program for Junior Faculty, Fellows, and last year Residents – supported by NIDDK/NIH

Educate Medical Students:

– NHMA Medical School Liaison Program

–  NHHF Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholars Mentoring for Primary Care Careers – supported by United Health Foundation

Educate PreMedical and PreHealth Students in College:

– NHMA College Health Scholars Program – supported by the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Healtlh

The NHMA established its Foundation, the National Hispanic Health Foundation, in 1994 to develop the 501c3 arm that will create new partnerships to sponsor the NHHF Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship Program, NHMA education programs as well as a new future program, Hispanic Health Research Institute for training and mentoring of Junior Faculty to diversify the research workforce and increase the population and prevention and policy research about Hispanics.

We look forward to continuing to work with our members and partners and welcome your comments on future programming.