Being the largest and fastest-growing minority population in the US, coupled with the persistently disproportionate rates of HIV testing/screening and low uptake in HIV PrEP, it is crucial to prioritize Hispanics in HIV prevention and care.

Aligned with our commitment to achieving health equity, the National Hispanic Medical Association has partnered with the CDC’s Let’s Stop HIV Together (Together) to increase HIV awareness. 

Through our collaboration with the CDC’s Let’s Stop HIV Together (Together), we effectively engage with physicians and similar organizations to disseminate culturally competent HIV resources and address inequities faced by people living with HIV.




Our Engagements and Efforts 

 In-person Events

NHMA actively participates in multiple conferences, providing a wonderful opportunity to connect and distribute Let's Stop HIV Together materials among a wide network of physicians. These events serve as a platform to emphasize the significance of HIV prevention, screening, treatment, and care. Engage with us at these exhibitions to delve deeper into the program and explore ways to contribute to this vital cause.



 Virtual Events: 

NHMA brings together experts and members nationwide for engaging virtual events, ranging from insightful webinars to lively Twitter chats. Join us in these dynamic gatherings to shine a spotlight on and tackle the crucial issue of HIV care in underserved communities.


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CDC Let's Stop HIV Together Resources Materials 

NHMA is proud to provide free Let's Stop HIV Together materials for your awareness day event. Please complete the form attached below. Orders should be placed minimum 4 weeks prior to event. For more information, please email Madeline Canas.

HIV Materials Request Form  





Please email Madeline Canas to get involved with our Campaign!