NHMA 2023 All of Us Events

NHMA Gulf Coast Chapter Event

February 28, 2023

The NHMA Research It! Women's and Girls HIV/AIDS Care in the Gulf Coast Webinar combined our “Let’s Stop HIV Together” campaign with the All of Us Research Program. This impactful webinar highlighted how increasing diversity in genetic research can help support HIV researchers and healthcare workers to provide care, increase adherence, or promote prevention strategies to vulnerable populations.

Research It! Women's and Girls HIV/AIDS Care in the Gulf Coast Webinar


Chicago Health Fair- The Latino Family Wellness & Health Equity Fiesta Tour

August 14, 2023

The Latino Family Wellness & Health Equity Fiesta Tour on August 12, 2023, was composed of community organizations, hospitals, clinics, businesses, and volunteers. This event offered vital free/low-cost services, health screenings, HIV tests, and more. We partnered with Northwestern to introduce the All of Us program. Attendees enjoyed a seminar, which was presented by Northwestern, explaining the program, its enrollment process, and its importance. We distributed program info, incentives, and hosted engaging discussions about the program!

Northwestern's Presentation 

NHMA Nebraska Chapter Event 

September 22, 2023

We hosted our Nebraska Chapter event, where Dr. Juan Santamaria shared information about the All of Us program to the attendees, emphasized the importance of signing up, and shared information about the Researcher workbench. Furthermore, he gave a captivating glimpse into his own project, which harnessed the power of the workbench. This project, titled "Breast Cancer Care Disparities in Sexual Minority Women: An Analysis of the National Institutes of Health All of Us Research Program," was submitted to the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium meeting in December.
Dr. Santamaria's talk was a true highlight, shedding light on the program's transformative potential. 

Dr. Santamaria's Presentation

To get involved with a Chapter, please email Yanecia Green, NHMA Director of Membership and Chapter Development at [email protected].