College Health Scholars Program
Academic, professional/development, and financial aid resources for graduate science students

Federal Student Aid
Summary: Learn about the federal student aid programs as well as other sources of financial aid to help you pay for college or career school. Also, learn about the process for applying for and receiving financial aid.

Graduate School Federal Aid
Summary: Tips and info on federal financial aid for graduate students looking for guidance after undergrad.

U.S. Department of Labor Public Health Scholarship Search
Summary: An online search engine for student scholarships officially sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. Over 1000 public health related scholarships are readily available.
Summary: University of Texas, San Antonio Graduate Biomedical Sciences website. Contains a blog on how to decrease stress in students who are attending graduate science programs.
Summary: A article on graduate school’s mental toll on students. Contains several summaries of studies analyzing the effects of mental stress and student experiences coping with the subsequent mental toll.
Summaries: American Psychological Association website article with advice on choosing a graduate school program.
Summary: Berkeley Science Review article on the mental hurdles students in grad school will face.
Summary: New York University graduate school preparation website meant to aid students looking into graduate school programs with various helpful information.
Summary: UCLA graduate education website with various details and requirements expected of prospective students, similar requirements to many grad school programs.
Summary: The Princeton Review website with an article on preparing for graduate school and what to expect in the process.