Severe Asthma within the Hispanic Community

As a part of a strong commitment to promote health care equity and quality, the National
Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA) partnered with Amgen to develop an Asthma and Hispanics Education Campaign during 2022. Given the pandemic of COVID-19, that targets the lungs, has impacted Hispanics twice as much as the general population in terms of hospitalizations and death, NHMA has focused on how to improve asthma education and treatment targeted at this population. 

Hispanics face barriers to access to healthcare – both financial and non-financial. Hispanics have the highest rates of uninsured and due to limited incomes to spend on health care, they have less access to a regular provider and use the emergency room for sporadic asthma care. Other barriers include cultural values and lack of Hispanic physicians, health literacy, language services which limit knowledge among Hispanic families about management and treatment of asthma.

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                       Severe Asthma  Health Disparities in the Hispanic Community

Severe Asthma and Health Disparities in the Hispanic Communities
October 5, 2022 | 2 p.m. ET
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Congressional Briefing - COVID 19 & Asthma
Achieving Health Equity for Hispanic Populations: Lessons Learned - COVID-19 and Severe Asthma
July 27, 2022
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Asthma Resources

For more information and to access resources related to severe asthma for patients and healthcare providers, please visit NHMA's bilingual resource hub