Uninsured in a Pandemic: Continuing the Fight for MedEx in TX

Fourth Annual Public Health Policy Forum hosted by TDSR and NHMA Texas Chapters

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For their fourth annual public health policy forum, Texas Doctors for Social Responsibility (TDSR) has partnered with the National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA) Texas Chapters and Every Texan to bring you a timely conversation about the continued need for Medicaid expansion in Texas and how Texans of all backgrounds can play a role in this fight for increased access to health care coverage. While health coverage has always been a critical element of financial security and access to health care, Texas leaders’ failure to expand Medicaid could now have even more devastating effects on the health and financial well-being of many Texans.

Other states that have implemented Medicaid expansion have seen the benefits of this effective public policy tool, including greater access to care, more affordable care, and reduced medical debt. As one of the 12 states that have not implemented Medicaid expansion, Texas falls dangerously short in guaranteeing the well-being of every Texan, especially Texans of color. State action is needed to prevent Texans from falling through the cracks in the health care coverage gap during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has only exacerbated the lack of access to health insurance.


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