College Health Scholars Program
Academic, professional/development, and financial aid resources for pre-dental student

Dental Admissions Test
Summary: The official guide from the American Dental Association on the Dental Admission Test meant to guide you before submitting an application to test.

U.S. Department of Labor Dental School Scholarships Search
Summary: A federal database listing nationwide scholarships, with this search in particular being geared towards dental students and undergrads looking to apply to dental school.

Federal Student Aid
Summary: List of federal financial aid opportunities available for undergrads.

Graduate School Federal Aid
Summary: Pamphlet containing federal financial aid opportunities available for undergrads looking for financial aid help in graduate school.

Student Loans
Summary: Document giving details on different loans and how to assess how much you need to borrow if you are taking out loans.

Professional Development
Summary: American Dental Education Association website providing different professional development opportunities.

Life as a Dentist and Orthodontist
Summary: U.S. News article detailing why dentist and orthodontist are attractive career fields and the lifestyles you can expect to have entering them.

Work-Life Balance
Summary: Blog on strategies to use to maintain a healthy work-life balance when your stress levels become overwhelming.

Preparing for Residency
Summary: Blog providing first hand counts of practicing dentist who went through residency, and what other prospective dental students can expect going into it.