In April of 2014, Pfizer consolidated all of its patient assistance programs into one comprehensive program called Pfizer RxPathways™. The new name, Pfizer RxPathways, is intended to better reflect the purpose of the program; namely – to provide patients with “pathways” to get access to their Pfizer medicine(s) – and replaces all Pfizer Helpful Answers programs including Connection to Care ®, Pfizer Pfriends ®, Sharing the Care ®, First Resource® and RSVP. Pfizer RxPathways still features many of the prescription assistance services that were available under Pfizer Helpful Answers.

The remodeled patient assistance program Pfizer RxPathways helps eligible patients receive access to Pfizer medicines by offering a range of support and prescription assistance services that include co-payment assistance, insurance counseling to help patients understand coverage options, and free or discounted Pfizer medicines.  Pfizer RxPathways, is continuing its persistent effort to help underserved communities, including the growing Hispanic population where there remains a disproportionate share of uninsured and underinsured patients.

“We actively educate members of underserved communities about our Pfizer RxPathways program by partnering with trusted patient advocates and local community organizations, including the National Hispanic Medical Association,” said Gary Pelletier, senior director of corporate responsibility who leads the program. “We engage with our partners in the Hispanic community in order to inform and conduct community-based outreach to patients in need.” Pfizer RxPathways is designed to help patients through a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, community health centers, health care provider offices and pharmacies. The program is aimed to meet the emerging needs of patients across therapeutic areas.

Pfizer has already helped millions of uninsured and underinsured patients gain access to the medications they need. Over the last five years, Pfizer gave nearly 3.1 million eligible uninsured and underinsured patients access to more than 37 million Pfizer prescriptions, valued at more than $7.3 billion.

With the Affordable Care Act projected to help millions of uninsured people gain health insurance, up to 30 million uninsured people in the United States may still need assistance once the government-funded program is fully implemented**. Pfizer remains committed to assisting patients in need of accessing their medicines through Pfizer RxPathways.  Healthcare advocates who want to distribute information to their communities and patients who want to access more information about Pfizer RxPathways can visit to download applications and program brochures, or call 1-866-706-2400 from 8 AM to 6 PM on Monday to Friday to learn more about Pfizer’s programs, including eligibility criteria and how to apply.

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