NHHF/NHMA to convene “President’s STEM Initiative and Expanding to Health Professions Careers and Diversity Summit” supported by Josiah Macy, Jr Foundation – National Hispanic Health Foundation was awarded a grant to convene an invitational conference with key White House, Department of Education, National Science Foundation, NIH, HRSA speakers to discuss priorities to increase health care professions pipeline expansion for underrepresented students to be successful STEM students along the education continuum. We will also be discussing the importance of public/private partnerships to impact the healthcare workforce.  President Obama first announced this priority in 2009 and the Federal government has increased support for STEM education in the US.  A report on recommendations will be available in January.

THE MOST POSITIVE NEWS about the ACA this month is that it is projected to save more billions of dollars, over the next 20 years, than the government sequester that will end in 2021, as the benefits of the ACA will continue to decrease government deficit by $100B a year according to the Chairman, Economic Advisors.  The Administration is focused on correcting its website issues for the ACA Enrollment.

What the media isn’t telling you about the Insurance Enrollment Policies now in operation for those qualified to buy insurance at the Marketplace in your State or the State-Federal Marketplace ---the momentum will start picking up - 

1. Insurance companies have incentives in the ACA to be competitive and offer lower prices to attract more consumers early on, who tend to be loyal.

2. LocalHelp.HealthCare.gov is a new website that allows one to search by city and state or zip code to see a list of local organizations for non-English language support, Medicaid or CHIP, and Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP).

3. Young people are more tech savvy and have lower incomes and will benefit from tax subsidies so are expected to have the lowest payments for insurance and could be a greater part of the early enrollees in the Marketplaces.

4. For the first three years of Obamacare, the government basically subsidizes particularly expensive enrollees. So if someone buys insurance and their claims break $50,000 in 2014, the federal government picks up part of the cost. The result is that, for the first few years, really sick people cost insurers less than they normally would, and so can be expected to have less of an effect on premiums than would typically be expected.

The White House, HHS and Healthcare Community and Advocates PROMOTE HEALTH INSURANCE for the Uninsured ---request people to go to Healthcare.gov and review options for health insurance: 

• People can apply for advance premium tax credits in exchanges in a variety of ways, including online (Healthcare.gov), by paper application, and over the phone through call centers (800-318-2596 for individuals; 800-706-7893 for businesses <50 employees). There is a standard paper application, which is three pages plus appendices. 

• Plan choices will be arrayed online based on where you live. A standard, short summary of coverage will be provided for all plans.  This will explain covered benefits and cost sharing and provide illustrations of how coverage would work for common medical events, such as having a baby. This summary will make it easier for consumers to compare plans.  When looking online, consumers are expected to be able to sort and compare plans based on the standard coverage elements they care most about.

• All insurers will be required to cover mostly the same benefits, including some services that are often excluded or limited today for people buying their own insurance (e.g., maternity care, mental health, and prescription drugs).

• Coverage will be standardized into tiers (from bronze to platinum). Deductibles and copays will typically vary from plan to plan, but all plans in a given tier will provide the same overall level of protection to consumers.

But, probably the single biggest step to make buying insurance simpler than today is the prohibition of what’s known as “medical underwriting.” With no medical underwriting, largely uniform benefits, and standardized tiers of coverage, consumers should have a much easier time applying for insurance and comparing prices. Consumers will have to make tradeoffs between the level of the premium, the degree of patient cost-sharing, and the breadth of a plan’s provider network, but they will have access to information to help make those decisions.

And, consumers will have the benefit of trained assisters to help them make these comparisons and answer their questions.  

Safety Net Health Care Facilities Need Increased Healthcare Workforce – especially in primary care will generate new conversations in the States over scope of practice. The physician shortage is real and primary care physicians are 40% of total physicians – such that we will see growing increase in the call for nursing and physician assistants to have increased primary care responsibilities.  With new incentives for coordination of care, more nurse coordinators will be requires. Healthcare is a growing industry and will have increased jobs.

As of September 2013, 26 states did not plan to implement the Medicaid expansion. In states that do not expand Medicaid, over five million poor uninsured adults have incomes above Medicaid eligibility levels but below poverty and may fall into a “coverage gap” of earning too much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to qualify for Marketplace premium tax credits. This group is estimated at 8 million and will have very limited coverage options and are likely to remain uninsured. This doesn’t include the undocumented in our communities.

NHMA supported letters to Congress: requested by Congressman Raul Ruiz to lead an effort to decrease fraud in Medicare ! Requesting funding for Public Health and cutting the sequester impact with advocates in DC who are interested in the public health of our nation!  Requesting continued support for primary care and diversity in health professions!


NHMA successfully convenes its “Covered Hispanics Campaign” Forum in Washington, DC Metro Region with the HHS Region III Director, DC Marketplace Director – thanks to the over 500 participants at all our Region Forums this fall who are leaders interested in better understanding the opportunities of having health insurance under the ACA Marketplaces for our communities’ questions.

NEW NHMA California Leadership Fellowship, supported by the California Wellness Foundation – executive leadership program for 10 Physicians in mid-career (5  years post training) from California.  We are seeking those interested in gaining knowledge and skills to become State and Regional leaders in health care that impacts the Latino population. Application will be available on website soon. Deadline is Jan. 31, 2014.

Sacramento Institute will be four days in April, 2014 where Fellows will learn about State Policy development and the role of stakeholders to reform health policy and programs and the introduction to Legislators and their healthcare priority legislation issues, State government committees and appointments.  The Fellows will also have a Washington, DC Institute for a day prior to the 3 day NHMA Conference at the end of March, 2015. Doctors who participate must attend both sessions.

NHMA – HHS OMH Hispanic Leadership Institute at the NHMA Conference 2014 will include How to Expand Leadership of Corporate Boards of Directors with healthcare professionals who are needed to guide the development of employee health and wellness programs.

NHMA Mentoring Programs ----If you would like to volunteer to be a Mentor for our future healthcare workforce: contact Veronica Ramirez, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Medical Students and Public Health Students -  GE- NHMA Health Professional Student Leadership and Mentoring Program and selected 50 talented students who are now in the program ---and will be sharing their preceptorships and mentoring lessons learned at the NHMA Conference 2014 in Washington, DC, March 27-30, 2014.

NHMA Council of Residents Mentoring Program available for residents and physicians interested in participating either in your region or at the NHMA Conference 2014.  Applications due January 31, 2014. 

Undergraduate Premedical Students Mentoring Program – again, we need medical students to be mentors to assist the next generation applying to medical school. Connect to Veronica today!

Responsibilities include monthly email discussions with your student mentee about his/her goals for the year to prepare the mentee for his/her next stage of health career advancement.  Reporting is quarterly and a tracking of the outcomes for the mentees is maintained at NHMA.

NHMA 2014 CONFERENCE – “ACA and Best Practices for Hispanics”  AGENDA AT A GLANCE:  Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC

March 28 

Breakfast Symposia 

Congressional Visits and Advocacy Meetings, 

Lunch in Exhibit Hall      

Opening Plenary with US Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, CMS Administrator, NIH Director (all invited) followed by Presidents of Medical Associations Response Panel

Workshops – ACA Best Practices 

Reception – Global Health Leaders and Innovation

NHHF Board of Directors and Corporate Advisory Board Meetings

March 29 

Cancer and HIV/HepC Breakfast Symposia

Insurance Company and Health System ACO and Patient Centered Medical Home Innovations 

Luncheon Keynote on Health IT in Health Care

Workshops on Technology, Apps, Chronic Disease Management/Research, Prevention and Wellness, and new Cultural Competence Medical Education Programs, Journal of NHMA development, and more

Gala Awards Dinner – National Latino Leader Keynote Speaker; Awards Presentation; 

March 30 

NHMA Health Professional Leadership Institute – How to Become a White House Appointee to National Commissions and How to Become a Corporate Board Member – with White House Staff, Corporate CEOs, Executive Search Firm representatives. 

Register Now at www.nhmamd.org, Reserve your hotel; sign up for Posters, Recruiter Tables, Exhibit Hall to Advance Health Professions careers and share Hispanic healthcare programs and Sponsorship Opportunities information – for workshop sessions, special events, travel for students to attend. Call E. Rios (202-628-5895) if interested in presenting innovations/best practices in health care delivery to share with hospital and medical group leaders from across the nation. 


Fellows Class of 2006 interested in planning a Ten Year Anniversary Meeting – for NHMA 2016 Conference – Sylvia Rosas, MD now at Boston’s Joslin Institute  wants to hear from you!

Yvette Calderon, MD has been appointed Fellow, New York Academy of Medicine!

Elena Rios, MD co authors OP ED for Children’s Month with new Administrator McCarthy of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and meets on Childhood Asthma with EPA leaders participates as speaker for Voto Latino Google Chat, Ibero America Agency, Rochester, NY,  National Assoc of Latino Elected Officials Health Summit on ACA reaching various audiences to educate on improving Hispanic health.

Sam Arce, MD represents NHMA in NYC events, Luis Aguilar, MD in Arizona, Jorge Girotti, PhD in Chicago and Kathy Flores, MD in CA in addition we now have 6 NHMA Region Chairmen who are building our networks with healthcare and public health leaders.

NHMA submitted physician nominations to organization boards such as PCORI and the California Association of Provider Groups, Enroll America webinar, the California Association of Physician Groups, and is very interested in expanding this service for our members. Join as a Premier Member if you want to be nominated to national boards and commissions.



The National Hispanic Medical Association has joined the @AHRQNews national initiative Treatment Options: Explore. Compare. Prepare. [PATIENTS: http://go.usa.gov/WjpB OR HCP: http://go.usa.gov/bH6P]

We’re helping patients explore their condition, compare options, and prepare for appointments with @AHRQNews: http://go.usa.gov/bH6P

 We’ve partnered with @AHRQNews to bring you free tools to support your practice of evidence-based medicine http://go.usa.gov/bH6P

National Health IT Network Webinar  ---

NMA and National Council of Asian and Pacific Island Physicians host this timely webinar for physicians and providers caring for special populations

Health IT and Health Disparities

Friday Nov. 15, Noon

For more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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