College Health Scholars Program
Academic, professional/development, and financial aid resources for public health students

Federal Student Aid
Summary: Learn about the federal student aid programs as well as other sources of financial aid to help you pay for college or career school. Also, learn about the process for applying for and receiving financial aid.

Graduate School Federal Aid
Summary: Tips and info on federal financial aid for graduate students looking for guidance after undergrad.

U.S. Department of Labor Public Health Scholarship Search
Summary: An online search engine for student scholarships officially sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. Over 200 nursing related scholarships are readily available.

Things to Know Before Applying to Graduate Schools
Summary: Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health website. A list of facts related to pursuing a public health degree most students should be aware of before applying to a graduate program or entering the public health field.

Advice for Undergrads in Public Health
Summary: Official website for the American Public Health Association. This page in particular gives some general advice for undergrads pursuing a career/education in public health fields.

Dealing with Stress in Graduate School
Summary: Duke University webpage with various advice for dealing with stress once you are in grad school.

21 Public Health Scholarships and Tips to Apply in 2021
Summary: The Princeton Review website with an article on preparing for graduate school and what to expect in the process.

Summary: The Princeton Review website with a quick summary of Public Health and different program options.
Summary: The John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health website containing an article on how to prepare your personal statement and personalize it to your advantage.
Summary: The University of California, Irvine Program in Public Health website containing information on its master’s program, showing the various options students can specialize in once they are in a master’s level public health program.