NHMA Medical School Liaison Program

The National Hispanic Medical Association, from its beginning in 1994 in Washington, DC, developed linkages with key National, Regional and State Medical Societies, Hispanic Health Professional Associations, medical students and residents in order to build its network of champions for Hispanic health. NHMA is a resource to the Federal government and other key healthcare organizations and academic partners. We have invited all to our Annual Conference each year. But we found that in order to develop more lasting relationships among members we should develop regional and local opportunities for networking. 

In 2013 NHMA started its own Region Steering Committees and in 2019 NHMA started Chapters which now host two meetings per year. In discussions with the LMSA in 2017, NHMA decided to plan the NHMA Medical School Liaison Program for 2018 and matched NHMA physicians and residents to meet informally with LMSA Chapters.  In 2020, the second cohort of our Liaisons were identified and matched to LMSA chapters, and were brought together to meet virtually at the NHMA Orientation. Then they were invited to attend the LMSA Advisor Orientation, again virtually which occurs in March and August each year. 

The goal of the program is to share knowledge from NHMA physicians and residents with an LMSA Chapter through informal meetings up to three times per academic year for up to two years. These meetings are meant to discuss the importance of considering options in practicing medicine in the Hispanic community, such as in medical practice, clinics, and hospitals to complement the contact with their faculty Advisors. The program is coordinated by the NHMA Program Coordinator, Jason Hernandez, working with NHMA President, NHMA Council of Residents Chair, and LMSA National President. 

Responsibilities of the NHMA Liaison and the LMSA Chapter below.

NHMA Liaison:

  • Participate in the NHMA and LMSA virtual orientations (March 2022 or August 2022) - required
  • Schedule up to three meetings per academic year, and inform NHMA office a month in advance, for up to two years with LMSA Chapter leaders (NHMA Calendar will be used to schedule NHMA Chapters, Council of Young Physicians and Council of Residents activities)
  • Discuss the importance of practicing medicine in the Hispanic community, such as in medical practice, clinics, and hospitals; and
  • Submit a summary of each discussion meeting to NHMA using Google Forms

LMSA Chapter:

  • Work with the NHMA Liaison to schedule the best day and time to have the Liaison meet with the LMSA Chapter;
  • Submit a summary of each discussion with the NHMA Liaison to NHMA using Google Forms.
  • Send a sign-in list with medical student name, year, email, and career interest to NHMA.

We also encourage both NHMA Liaisons and LMSA Chapter Leaders to participate at the NHMA Annual Conference to meet other NHMA Liaisons and LMSA members.

If you are interested in serving as an NHMA Liaison, please join the NHMA and send your CV by February 25, 2021, in order to participate in the Orientations that will take place in March prior to the academic year starting. 

NHMA Liaison Sign-Up Form

2021-2022 LMSA-NHMA Liaison Pairs

If you are interested, send your CV to Jason Hernández, Program Coordinator, at [email protected].