Institutional Membership

Institutional memberships are reserved for non-profit organizations only.

Level Amount Individual Memberships Ad in Conference Program Exhibit Booth at Annual Conference Conference Awards Dinner Tickets
Platinum  $15,000 Up to 25 Full Page Ad Complimentary 1 VIP Table (up to 10 guests)

Gold  $10,000  Up to 20  Half Page Ad 50% discount  5 tickets
Silver  $5,000  Up to 10  Quarter Page Ad $500 off  2 tickets


To download a hard copy of the membership application, 2020 Institutional Membership App

To apply online, click here

If you have any questions about these membership options, please contact Vincent Gearity at [email protected]

2018/2019 Institutional Members
Texas A&M Health Science Center
University of Michigan
Weill Cornell Medicine