NHMA’s ‘VaccinateForAll’ Campaign Empowers Health Professionals and Leaders to Build Vaccine Confidence Among Hispanics

The National Hispanic Medical Association has always sought to champion equitable health care for minority groups, and the past year and a half was no exception. The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for medical professionals and patients alike, but has also ushered in a new era of thinking about health care, accessibility, and cultural competence in medicine. With health equity in the spotlight, NHMA is grateful to have received so many opportunities to advance our mission — most notably, our Vaccinate For All campaign.

Vaccinate For All is a five-year campaign supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Johnson & Johnson that is committed to reducing vaccine hesitancy, building vaccine confidence, and addressing structural and cultural barriers to COVID-19 vaccine access in Latino communities. We know that doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are the most trusted messengers when it comes to combating vaccine hesitancy, which is why we’ve activated our membership network to become Vaccinate For All Champions in their communities.

Anyone dedicated to combating COVID-19 can be a Vaccinate For All Champion, whether you are a member of NHMA or not. Champions get exclusive access to vetted and medically accurate resources to help inform their own knowledge and support educational outreach to those around them. NHMA further provides informative materials that can be shared with patients or with the public on social media. 

These trusted community members also have the opportunity to join the latest expert discussions through NHMA’s monthly COVID-19 Virtual Briefing Series and other educational opportunities designed to support impactful outreach. 

Many of our health professional Champions have already mobilized to host or volunteer at vaccination events locally. NHMA’s Louisiana and Phoenix Chapters have notably partnered with local health systems to make COVID-19 vaccines even more accessible and have already vaccinated hundreds of people. 

NHMA has additional resources for you and your loved ones to take control of their health. HispanicHealth.info is a bilingual resource hub with information on COVID-19 and other diseases that are some of the most prevalent within the Hispanic/Latino community. This website will be launching in just a few weeks in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Whatever your professional background, we strongly encourage you to join our growing coalition of Champions, a thriving network of leaders in the field and a venue to exercise leadership and benefit from the expertise of others. Visit https://www.nhmamd.org/vaccinate4all to learn more.