Immunization Campaign

NHMA Teams with CDC to Disseminate Information about the 2010-2011 Immunization Campaign

NHMA supports The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s efforts to spread information about the flu vaccine.

Below are links to a series of ready–to–use influenza articles for placement in local newspapers, magazines, or other publications.


Vaccine Safety: Getting a flu vaccine is a safe way to prevent serious illness.

Pregnant Women & Parents of Young Children: Pregnant Women and Infants – Targets for the Flu.

Parents: The flu vaccine—Protection from the flu. Peace of mind for you.

Older Americans (65+): FLU SEASON IS HERE – Don’t delay. Get the flu shot right away.

People w/ Underlying Health Conditions: Asthma, Diabetes, and Other Health Conditions Bring Greater Flu Risks.

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