NHMA 18th Annual Conference

March 28-30, 2014

Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC

"Affordable Care Act & Best Practices for Hispanics"

Join the NHMA network of health care providers and government and private sector partners from across the nation and learn new strategies for effective health care delivery and policies for Hispanic populations. This year, NHMA celebrates its 18th Annual Conference with partners from the public and private sectors,bringing together experts from across the nation to share their multi-disciplinary experiences in improving health care delivery for Hispanic populations.  National and international experts will present on current innovations in medical homes, accountable care organizations, health insurance exchanges, prevention, integrative care, e-health, and cultural competence for the growing Hispanic populations in the U.S. Disease areas include diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer and more. CME credits to be provided. 

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Conference Objectives:

  • Describe how health care innovations and the Affordable Care Act are influencing health care reform’s prevention and public health strategies.
  • Review community-based research that focuses on knowledge and policy strategies that show promise of eliminating health disparities.
  • Explain new treatment modalities and strategies to educate Hispanic patients with diabetes, cancer, obesity, cardiovascular disease, multiple myeloma, Alzheimer’s disease, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis-C, and aging in order to decrease morbidity and mortality in their medical practices or in their organization.
  • Identify cultural competence, literacy, and language services programs for medical education and health care delivery.
  • Describe how leadership skills can be used to improve the health of Hispanic patients. Physician Continuing Medical 


U.S.  Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Minority Health

National Hispanic Health Foundation

Thursday, March 27th

9:30am – 10:00amNHMA Board of Directors Orientation (closed)Truman Room

10:00am – 4:00pmNHMA Board of Directors Meeting (closed)– Truman Room

5:00pm – 6:00pmNHHF Board Technology CommitteeTruman Room

3:00pm – 5:00pmRegistration OpensExhibit Hall C Foyer


Friday, March 28th

7:30am – 7:30pmRegistration, Exhibit Hall and Hispanic Health Research/Service PostersExhibit Hall C

7:00am – 8:30amBreakfast Symposium: ¡PrEP-árate! Integrating Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis into Clinical Practices Serving Latino CommunitiesSatellite meeting by International Association of Providers in AIDS Care - Wilson A/B/C Room

  • Jaime Martinez, MD, University of Illinois & Stroger Hospital of Cook County, Chicago, IL

8:00am – 9:00amOrientation to Capitol Hill Visits – NHMA Health Policy Agenda; Effective Congressional Meeting; Congress & Senate OverviewMadison A Room (CME certified session)

9:00am – 12:00pmCapitol Hill Visits and Debrief Meeting – Capitol Hill; Debrief - Madison A Room

11:00am – 1:00pmExhibit Hall and Hispanic Health Research/Service Posters and LunchExhibit Hall C

1:00pm-3:20pmOpening Plenary: ACA Updates Thurgood Marshall Ballroom (CME certified session)

NHMA Leadership Reports

  • Keynote Speaker: Jean Moody-Williams, Director, Quality Improvement Group, Center for Clinical Standards and Quality, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Presentation
  • Elena Rios, MD, MSPH, President & CEO, National Hispanic Medical Association, Washington, DC

Leadership Roundtable:  “Health Care Workforce & Program Priorities to Care for Latinos”

      • Moderator: Elena Rios, MD, MSPH, President & CEO, NHMA

      • Reid Blackwelder, MD, President, American Academy of Family Physicians
      • Sandra Hassink, MD, President Elect, American Academy of Pediatrics, Elk Grove Village, IL
      • Steven Weinberger, MD, FACP, Executive Vice President & Chief Executive Officer, American College of Physicians, Philadelphia, PA
      • Click here for PDF
      • Presentation
      • Ardis Dee Hoven, MD, President, American Medical Association, Chicago, IL
      • Adriann Begay, MD, President, Association of American Indian Physicians, Oklahoma City, OK
      • Ho Luong Tran, MD, MPH, President & CEO, National Council of Asian & Pacific Islander Physicians, Washington, DC
      • Katherine Flores, MD, Chairwoman, NHMA Board of Directors, Fresno, CA Presentation

NHMA Leadership Fellows Policy Presentations

      • Cultural Competency, Prevention and CLAS Standards – Fellows Team A
      • Hispanic Workforce Diversity: Underrepresentation of Hispanics in Federal Government Workforce – Fellows Team B

3:30pm – 4:45pmWorkshops A

A.1. Accountable Care Organizations and Medical Homes and Hispanic Health Care Wilson A Room (CME certified session)

      • Moderator: Antonio Linares, MD, FAAFP, Regional Vice President and Medical Director, WellPoint/Anthem Blue Cross, NHMA Board of Directors
      • Ricardo Mosquera, MD, Medical Director, High Risk Children’s Clinic, University of Texas-Houston, Houston, TX Presentation
      • Andres Mendez-Munoz, MD, FACP, Adult Medicine, Physician Director – Multicultural Services, Kaiser Permanente, Washington, DC Presentation
      • Juan Nogueras, MD, Chief of Staff, Cleveland Clinic, Weston, FL

A.2. HIV-AIDS and Hepatitis C Management and Latinos– Wilson B Room (CME certified session)

      • Moderator: Vanessa Salcedo, MD, MPH, Department of Pediatrics, St. Barnabas Hospital, Bronx, NY
        • New CDC HIV Guidelines
      • Priya Jakhmola, Guidelines Development Team, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA Presentation
      • Prevention of Opportunistic Infections, Nonoccupational Postexposure Prophylaxis

        • Kenneth L. Dominguez, MD, MPH, CAPT, U.S. Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Epidemiology Branch, Prevention for Negatives Team
      • Hepatitis C Management

        • Ivonne Fuller, CEO, Hepatitis Foundation International, Silver Spring, MD

A.3. Clinical Trials Policy Priorities for Latinos Wilson C Room (Note: This session is NOT CME certified)

        • Moderator: Victoria Sorlie-Aguilar, MD, California Academy of Family Physicians, NHMA West Regional Chair, Women's Health and Family Medicine, Oxnard, CA
        • Clinical Trials

          • Jonca Bull, MD, Director, Food and Drug Administration Office of Minority Health, Silver Spring, MD 
          • Salvo Alesci, MD, PhD, Deputy Vice President, Alliance Development & Public Affairs, PhRMA
          • David Hayes-Bautista, PhD, Professor of Medicine & Director, Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 
        • Adult Diabetes Treatment Research

          • Richard B. Aguilar, MD, Seville Medical Center, Huntington, CA Presentation
          • Pfizer Rx Pathways

            • Melissa Bishop-Murphy, JD, MBASenior Director of National Government Relations and Multicultural Affairs, Pfizer, Inc. Presentation

A.4. Best Practices for Technology to Engage Hispanic Patients – Madison A Room (CME certified session)

          • Moderator: Daniel Turner-Lloveras, MD, National Health Service Corp Scholar, Watts Healthcare Corp, NHHF Technology Committee Board Member, NHMA - Young Physicians Representative - West Region, Los Angeles, CA Presentation
        • Mobile Health Options

          • Martin Mendiola, MD, MPH, Director, Clinical Program Development, Happtique, Inc., Greater New York Hospital Association, New York, NY Presentation
        • Electronic Medical Records in Small Latino Medical Practices

          • Antonio I. Fernandez, MBA, Advisory Council Member, National Health IT Collaborative for the Underserved
        • Investing in Technology

          • Jose Bolanos, MD, Managing Director, Venture Med, Orinda, CA Presentation
          • Andrew Mekelburg, Vice President, Federal Government Relations, Verizon Communications, Inc.
        • How to Close Health Disparities through Effective Marketing

          • Luis Vasquez-Ajmac, President, Maya Advertising, Long Beach, CA

5:00pm - 6:30pmNHMA Interest Group Meetings

        • NHMA Region Steering Committees Meeting – Truman Room
        • Facilitator: Sam Arce, MD, NHMA Board of Directors Region Chairman
        • Clinical Trials, NHMA TV Show and Journal participation
        • NHMA Council of Residents Mentoring Program – Wilson C Room

        • Facilitator: Gerardo Mena-Lopez, MD, Chairman, NHMA Council of Residents; Emergency Medicine Residency Program, Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Baltimore, MD
        • NHMA Council of Young Physicians Meeting – Taft Room

        • Facilitator: John Paul Sanchez, MD, Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY
        • GE-NHMA Health Professional Student Leadership & Mentoring Meeting (closed) – Wilson A Room

        • Facilitator: Veronica Ramirez, Senior Program Officer, NHMA
        • Speaker: Victor Miranda, MD, MBA, VP Medical Operations at GE Healthcare
        • Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) Meeting – Wilson B Room

        • Facilitator: Alvaro Galvis, National Coordinator, Latino Medical Student Association, Irvine, CA

6:30pm – 8:00pmOpening Reception Honoring all NHMA Leadership Fellows- Exhibit Hall C

Welcome Remarks:  Joxel Garcia, MD, MBA, Director, DC Department of Health

Saturday, March 29th

 7:30am – 4:30pmRegistration, Exhibit Hall and Hispanic Health Research/Service Posters- Exhibit Hall C

7:30am – 9:00amBreakfast Clinical Symposium: Early Detection and Prevention of the Most Common Cancers in Hispanicssupported by Cancer Treatment Centers of America® – Wilson A/B/C Room(CME certified session)

        • Moderator: Juan Sanabria, MD, Msc, FRCSC, FACS, Surgical Oncologist, Cancer Treatment Centers of America®

        • Jesus Esquivel, MD, FACS, National Director for HIPEC Research, Cancer Treatment Centers of America®
        • Dennis Citrin, MD, PhD, Medical Oncologist, Cancer Treatment Centers of America®
        • Giuseppe Del Priore, MD, MPH, National Director of Gynecologic Oncology, Cancer Treatment Centers of America® 

9:00am – 10:30am       Plenary: The Affordable Care Act & Innovations Impacting Hispanic Health– Thurgood Marshall Ballroom (CME certified session)

        • Moderator: Conchita Paz, MD, NHHF Board of Directors, Family Care, Las Cruces, NM 

        • Esteban Lopez, MD, MBA, President, San Antonio Region, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, San Antonio, TX Presentation
        • Emilio Carrillo, MD, Vice President, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Washington Heights, NY Presentation
        • Samuel R. Nussbaum, MD, Executive Vice President - Clinical Health Policy, Chief Medical Officer, WellPoint 
        • Antonio Linares, MD, FAAFP, Regional Vice President and Medical Director, WellPoint/Anthem Blue Cross Presentation

10:30am – 12:00pm    Exhibit Hall: Health Career, Medical Practice, Public Health and Research Resources - Exhibit Hall C

11:00am – 12:00pm    Advancing Paradigm Changes in Type 2 Diabetes Management with Dr. Jaime Davidsonsupported by Janssen Pharmaceuticals – Washington Room

12:00pm – 1:30pm      Lunch Plenary: Hispanic STEM2 Pathways to Medical School– Thurgood Marshall Ballroom (CME certified session)

        • Katherine Flores, MD, Chairwoman, NHMA Board of Directors, Fresno, CA 
        • Elena Rios, MD, MSPH, President & CEO, National Hispanic Medical Association, Washington, DC

1:30pm – 3:00pmWorkshops B

B.1. Hypertension, Atrial Fibrillation, CHF Management for Hispanics – Wilson A Room (CME certified session)

        • Moderator: Eduardo Montaña, MD, MPH, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, Children’s Cardiovascular Medicine; Chair, Board of Directors; Hispanic Health Coalition of Georgia; Executive Medical Officer, Children’s Cardiovascular Medicine, Atlanta, GA

        • Sylvia Klinger, MS, RD, LDN, CPT, Registered Dietitian, Hispanic Food Communications, Inc., Hinsdale, IL
        • Eduardo Sanchez, MD, Chief Medical Officer, American Heart Association, Dallas, TX Presentation
        • Hector Ventura, MD, FACC, FACP, Director, Section of Cardiomyopathy & Heart Transplantation, Ochsner Medical Center, New Orleans, L Presentation

B.2. Aging Patients – Eye Disease, Injury Prevention, Alzheimer’s Disease, Nutrition – Wilson B Room (CME certified session)

        • Moderator: Sam Arce, MD, FAAFP, Family Physician and Attending Physician, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, NHMA Board of Directors Region Chairman, Jamaica, NY
        • Nutrition

        • Bob Blancato, Executive Director, National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services Programs, Washington, DC Presentation
        • Eye Care

        • Matthew McMahon, PhD, Senior Advisor for Translational Research, National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD Presentation
        • Injury Prevention

        • Henry Pacheco, MD, Director of Medicine and Public Health, National Hispanic Council on Aging, Washington, DC Presentation
        • Alzheimer’s Disease

        • George Perry, Dean, College of Sciences, University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX Presentation

B.3- Research Strategies to Treat Latinos Children, Adults, and Parents – Wilson C Room (CME certified session)

        • Moderator: Ana Natale-Pereira, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Medicine, Division Director, General Internal Medicine, Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School, NHMA Northeast Regional Chair, Newark, NJ 

        • Hispanic Parental Awareness of Children’s Health Insurance in Dallas, TX
        • Glenn Flores, MD, Professor and Director, Division of General Pediatrics, University of Texas Southwestern and Children’s Medical Center Dallas, Dallas, TX Presentation
        • Child Autism and Hispanic Research
        • Amy Daniels, PhD, Assistant Director of Public Health Research Autism Speaks, New York, NY
        • Border Health
        • Alan Ross, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Columbia University; Director of the Illyria Clinic for Balkan Refugees, Jacobi Medical Center, New York, NY

B.4. Interprofessional Health Professions Education – Washington Room 1 (CME certified session)

        • Moderator: Ana Maria Lopez, MD, MPH, FACP, Medical Director, Arizona Telemedicine Program, Professor of Medicine and Pathology, University of Arizona Cancer Center, Tuscon, AZ Presentation
        • Doctors in the Kitchen
        • Robert Graham, MD, Acting Director, Internal Medicine Residency, Lennox Hill Hospital, NY Presentation
        • Javier Sevilla-Martir, MD, Associate Professor of Clinical Family Medicine and Global Health, Assistant Dean for Diversity, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN Presentation

3:00pm – 4:00pmBreak in Exhibit Hall - Exhibit Hall C

4:00pm – 5:30pmWorkshops C

C.1. Obesity Reduction Strategies for Hispanics – Wilson A Room (CME certified session)

        • Moderator:Judith Flores, MD, FAAP, CHQM, Clinical Associate Professor, New York University School of Medicine, Brooklyn, NY

        • Therapeutic Value of Hispanic Foods
        • MeriTerese Racanelli, MS, RD, Food Scientist, Clinical Nutritionist, Goya Foods, Inc., Secaucus, NJ
        • Postpartum Obesity
        • Diana E. Ramos, MD, MPH,Director, Reproductive Health, Los Angeles County Public Health Department, Los Angeles, CA Presentation
          • Laura Rubalcava, MA, Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology
            The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Washington, DC Presentation
          • Breastfeeding and Birth Outcomes
          • Josephine Ruiz-Healy, MD, FAAP, ABIHM, Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX

C.2. Hispanic LGBT Health Priorities – Wilson B Room (CME certified session)

          • Moderator: John Paul Sanchez, MD, MPH, Emergency Department, Montefiore Medical Center, NHMA Board of Directors

          • Melissa Cribbin, MPH, Deputy Team Lead, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HHS Presentation
          • Juan Amador, Director and GDI Program Leader, Diversity Policy and Programs, Association of American Medical Colleges
          • Caesar Arturo, MD Candidate 2015, University of Illinois College of Medicine – Rockford Campus, Rockford, IL

C.3. Enhancing Quality and Improving Outcomes for Latinos through Integrated Health and Behavioral Health Care – Wilson C Room (CME certified session)

          • Moderator: Teresa Chapa, PhD, MPA, Senior Policy Advisor for Mental Health, Office of Minority Health, HHS, Rockville, MD

          • Octavio Martinez Jr., MD, MPH, MBA, FAPA, Executive Director, Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, Austin, TX
          • Katherine Sanchez, LCSW, PhD, Assistant Professor, The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX
          • Pierluigi Mancini, PhD, NCAC II, Founder and CEO, Clinic for Education, Treatment and Prevention of Addiction, Inc., Atlanta, GA Presentation

C.4. Need for Hispanic Editors & Content in Medical Journals and Announcing the Journal of the NHMA – Washington Room 1 (CME certified session)

          • Moderator: Richard Sal Salcido, MD, EdD,University of Pennsylvania Presentation

          • Jennifer Campi, Senior Staff Editor, Academic Medicine, Washington, DC Presentation
          • Vicki Cohn, Executive Vice President & Managing Editor, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Publishers, New Rochelle, NY Presentation
          • Edward Livingston, MD, Deputy Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, Chicago, IL Presentation
          • Antonia M. Villarruel, PhD, FAAN, Associate Dean for Research and Global Affairs, University of Michigan School of Nursing, Ann Arbor, MI

C.5. Financial Priorities for Health Professionals – For the Individual, Family and Your Business Needs – Washington Room 2 (CME certified session)

        • Moderator: Eddie Ramirez, MD, Head and Neck Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, Private Practice, Huntington Beach, CA

        • New ICD 10 Codes for Medical Practice Billing
        • Denesecia Green, Senior Health Insurance Specialist, Office of E-Health Standards and Services, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Baltimore, MD Presentation
        • Contracts for Physicians
        • Kensley Dougan, Financial Advisor, Strategies for Wealth, New York, NY Presentation
        • Financial Planning for Physicians
        • Lissa Benton, Financial Services Professional, Property & Casualty Broker, New York, NY Presentation

6:30pm – 7:30pmReception - Washington Rooms 4-6 Foyer

7:30pm – 11:30pm     Leadership Awards Gala & Dance – Washington Rooms 4-6

        • Mistress of Ceremonies: Maria Cardona - Principal, Multicultural and Public Affairs Practice, Dewey Square Group (DSG), Washington, DC
        • KeynoteGarth Graham, MD, MPH, President, Aetna Foundation

        • Hispanic Leadership Awards
        • Government –
          • The Honorable Raul Ruiz, MD, CA-36
          • The Honorable Xavier Becerra, CA-34
          • Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Deputy Director of Public Engagement, The White House
          • Gina Rodriguez, Latino Affairs Liaison, Office of the Secretary, US Department of Health and Human Services
          • The Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute
          • Corporate – WellPoint, Inc.
          • NHMA Physician of the Year – Richard Izquierdo, MD
          • NHMA Leadership Fellow of the Year – Nereida Correa, MD
          • NHMA Regional Chairpersons
          • Presidents of the Hispanic Medical Societies and National Hispanic Health Professional Associations
          • Outgoing NHMA and NHHF Board of Directors

Sunday, March 30, 2014

8:30am – 11:30amNHMA 2014 Leadership Institute ­– Thurgood Marshall Ballroom South (CME certified session)

  • Leadership Skills-Building: Preparation for Senior Executive Positions at the Federal Government and at Academic Health Centers, Deans for Schools of Medicine, and for Corporate Boards of DirectorsPresidents and Board Members of the NHMA Council of Medical Societies and the National Hispanic Health Professionals Leadership Network and NHMA Conference Participants

  • Jacqueline Rodrigue, CDR, Deputy Director, Office of Minority Health, US Department of Health and Human Services
  • Veronica Villalobos, Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, US Office of Personnel Management, Washington, DC
  • Michael Ortwerth, Director, Food and Drug Administration – Advisory Committee Oversight and Management Staff, Silver Spring, MD
  • Heather Kopecky, PhD, MBA, Senior Client Partner, Korn/Ferry, Houston
  • Abigail Ulrich, MHA, Senior Associate, Korn/Ferry International, Houston, TX Presentation
  • Russell Bennett, Vice President, Latino Health Solutions, United Healthcare, Los Alamitos, CA

12:00pm – 1:30pm      Health Communications Skill-Building to Improve Health Equity ­– Thurgood Marshall Ballroom South (CME certified session)

  • Alan Hermesch, President, Alan Hermesch Public Relations, LLC, Bethesda, MD

Other Events:


Friday, March 28, 2014


10:00am – 11:00amNational Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)
Meeting for Selected Undergraduate Students (closed)
Madison A

4:00pm – 5:30pmNHHF Board of Directors Meeting (closed)

5:30pm – 6:30pmNHHF Corporate Advisory Board Meeting (closed)

5:30pm – 6:30pmHarvard Medical School Reception


Saturday, March 29, 2014


8:00am – 12:00pmNHMA, George Washington University School of Medicine and AAMC Health Professional School Student Recruitment Lecture/Fair with Medical and Public Health School Recruiters from Across the Nation

10:30am – 11:15amNHMA Council of Residents Workshop: “Residents as Leaders”Wilson ABC

  • Moderator: Minerva Romero, MD
  • Armando de Alba Rosales, MD
  • Gerardo Lopez Mena, MD
  • Edgar Sosa, MD

11:15am – 12:00pmNHMA Council of Residents Workshop: “Social Media in Healthcare”Wilson ABC

  • Moderator: Gerardo Lopez-Mena, MD
  • Maria Portela, MD
  • Minerva Romero, MD

3:00pm – 4:00pmNHMA Council of Residents Workshop: “Business of Medicine”Wilson A

  • Moderator: Maria Portela, MD
  • EfrainTalamantes, MD
  • Daniel Turner-Lloveras, MD
  • Jesus Saucedo, MD

5:30pm – 6:30pmNHMA Council of Residents Business MeetingWilson A


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