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The National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA) College Health Scholars Program, is the proposed unique collaborative program with MentorNet, University of the Incarnate Word University (UIW) in San Antonio, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science (Drew) in Los Angeles, New York Academy of Medicine (The Academy), and The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The Purpose of the program is to increase the diversity of the health workforce with Hispanic physicians, health professionals and scientist/researchers through a unique mentoring program targeting college pre-health students with a curriculum in mentoring sessions, webinars, 3 Regional Conferences, that addresses personal and academic preparation for graduate school, including math/science, CLAS Standards, and social determinants of health. NHMA plans to develop a 1) mentoring infrastructure and tools; 2) a health professional and scientist advisory committee; 3) nationwide recruitment and selection of mentors and mentees; 4) data collection and tracking system; 5)  research study of a control group (starting with 100 college students at regional conferences) and intervention group (starting with 100 college students at regional conferences, webinars, facebook group, and virtual/personal mentoring by 100 health professional mentors); and 6) a dissemination plan for publications and speeches at national conferences. The major activities include an Advisory Committee with quarterly meetings providing input, the development of the program, mentor, mentee guides and applications, evaluations and information for the conferences, recruiting and selecting NHMA network of physicians/medical students/scientists/others to serve as mentors, 3 Regional Recruitment Conferences (UIW, San Antonio; Drew, Los Angeles; and AAMC, Washington, DC), Intervention including a virtual mentoring system with MentorNet (which has been supported by RWJF and NIH NRMN mentoring program on STEM), quarterly webinars, Facebook group, tracking and data collection, confidentiality plan, and a dissemination plan. The years 2-5 would repeat Year 1 activities. The evaluation plan will be done with The Academy and utilize qualitative and quantitative techniques that include process monitoring/activity tracking, longitudinal research study, surveys, pre-post tests and a focus group of mentees/mentors at the NHMA Annual Conference. Outcomes include increased numbers of Hispanic students applying and matriculating into medical and health professional schools and science graduate programs, 100% levels of knowledge gained about Hispanic health, CLAS and academic and personal preparation for health careers, 100% satisfaction rates with mentoring, documents for mentoring program, tracking system for college students in mentoring program, reports.

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