Established in 1994 in Washington, DC, the National Hispanic Medical Association is a non-profit association representing the interests of 50,000 licensed Hispanic physicians in the United States.

The vision of the organization is to be the national leader to improve the health of Hispanic populations.

The mission of the organization is to empower Hispanic physicians to lead efforts to improve the health of Hispanic and other underserved populations in collaboration with Hispanic state medical societies, residents, and medical students, and other public and private sector partners.

As a rapidly growing national resource based in the nation's capital, NHMA

  • Serves as a Resource to the White House, Congress and the Federal government
  • Develops Leadership for Public Health and Private Sector Boards and C Suite Positions
  • Provides Networking Opportunities with Stakeholders who impact Hispanic health


NHMA provides policymakers, health care providers, and our partners with expert information and support in strengthening health service delivery to Hispanic communities across the nation. The NHMA works closely with the White House, Federal agencies and Congress, the private sector, foundations as well as national Hispanic organizations. As a member of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, we meet regularly with Federal officials to hold them accountable on Hispanic issues. NHMA also works closely with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) and the Congressional Hispanic Conference Institute (CHLI) on health care policy development. In addition, NHMA partners with corporations, academia, foundations, and coalitions who also advocate on health care delivery, medical education and health workforce leadership and diversity, prevention and public health, and health policy and community-based research for our communities.

Leadership Development

NHMA coordinates the NHMA Leadership Fellowship for 10 mid-career Hispanic physicians, the NHMA Public Health Leadership Fellowship for Hispanic public health professionals, the NHMA Resident Mentoring Program (and a past NHMA Resident Leadership Program) to develop future leaders that we actively nominate to positions and boards and commissions with the Federal government and corporate sector.  We have trained 150 Fellows and 200 Resident Leaders.  HHS has been the principle sponsor of these programs. In 2013, we started the NHMA California Leadership Fellowship supported by the California Wellness Foundation to develop physician leaders in California.  NHMA receives requests that we submit to our Premier Members of physicians and others in our Friday Announcements and support our Representatives to External Committees and others who become public and private board and commission members.


In 1997, NHMA began convening its Annual Hispanic Health Conference in March each year in Washington, DC. Our agenda includes expanding access to quality health care, increasing opportunities for clinicians in private practice and in academic medicine, cultural competence, and research for Latinos. Another focus is policy development and education efforts focused on the ACA and on eliminating health disparities faced by Latinos. NHMA also sponsors a Hispanic Health Congressional Briefings and six Regional Meetings in the fall each year with health and Hispanic experts educate on ACA implementation and other key topics.

NHMA provides a monthly e-newsletter to our 60,000 records of basic members and participants at conferences.

The NHMA Board of Directors is very interested in providing expertise with new partners that can enhance healthcare efforts targeted to Hispanic populations, programs and policies that will improve the health of all Americans. Contact us today. Working with our National Hispanic Health Foundation, we have built an interdisciplinary list of partners interested in education activities.

Please call Dr. Elena Rios, President & CEO, today to discuss your interest in collaborating with NHMA today.

Phone: 202-628-5895

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