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    Established in 1994 in Washington, DC, the National Hispanic Medical Association is a non-profit association representing the interests of 50,000 licensed Hispanic physicians in the United States. NHMA is dedicated to empowering Hispanic physicians to be leaders who will help eliminate health disparities and improve the health of Hispanics. NHMA's vision is to be the national leader to improve the health of Hispanic populations.
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    Gaylord National Harbor Hotel, Washington, DC area : We also invite government agencies, health industry, corporate and non profit health experts to becoming a Sponsor and to provide a Career Exhibit for our health professionals and students and medical residents.
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  • National Hispanic Health Foundation

    The National Hispanic Health Foundation (NHHF), a 501c3 organization, was established in 1994 as the philanthropic branch of the National Hispanic Medical Association. The mission of NHHF is to improve the health of Hispanics and other underserved.
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Consensus Summit on Building Diversity in Medicine and Research Report

As a part of an ongoing commitment to promote health care equity and quality, the National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA) convened a meeting of national experts to the Consensus Summit on Building Diversity in Medicine and Research, on January 29, 2015 at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland.  National leaders for underrepresented populations in science and medicine discussed their best ideas and practices for improving representation; established recommendations, and formulated a direction and consensus statements, with the aim to build diversity in medicine and research in the U.S. not sure about the wording:  Link here to the Summit Final Report.

Read Full Report

NHMA White Paper: NHMA Produced a white paper entitled: “An Examination of Minority Populations and the Dental Service Organization Model in the US," which examines dental access among minority & low -income populations.

Read full report.

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 Introducing the NHMA Endorsed Employee Benefits Program: NHMA is excited to respond to the needs of its member physicians and supporters by offering our new NHMA Endorsed Employee Benefits Program.  The program offers access to quality health plans and valuable supplemental insurance and business products for NHMA physicians, members and their staff. Click here for more information. 

NHMA's "CALL TO ACTION" against GOP Health Care Bill to Repeal ACA  (The Skinny Bill) : NHMA advocates for health reform that includes access to affordable healthcare insurance for all and Medicaid expansion and subsidies and cost sharing for insurance plans. Call the Capitol Operator at (202) 224-3121 to tell Senators to Vote No to Replace ACA TODAY July 27, 2017.

Trump Administration Nominations - See Plum Book for political positions for Trump Administration - full time and part time Boards. Send in your Letter of Interest and CV to NHMA Health Professional Appointment Project to nhma@nhmamd.org

NHMA Cardiovascular Disease and Hispanics Leadership Summit Series, 2017 -  Caruso Catholic Center, USC, Los Angeles, CA - August 17th. Health & community leaders invited. We invite community leaders and health professionals - All day summits followed by Region Networking Receptions from 4:30 - 7:30 pm. RSVP to Pedro Montenegro at pmontenegro@nhmamd.org

NHMA Region Policy Forums and Receptions  SAVE THE DATES: Sept thru Nov - Washington, DC - Sept.7, Los Angeles - Sept. 19, NYC - Oct 5, Atlanta Oct. 19, Chicago, Nov. 11, San Antonio - TBD. Speakers include US DHHS Region Directors and healthcare private sector leaders.

NHHF Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship Galas - honoring key leaders as well as the scholars - New York Academy of Medicine, NY, Nov. 30 and Millenium Biltmore Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles, CA, Dec. 14 - with Health Professional/Student Job Fair at 5:30 - 6:30 pm in LA only.


NHMA February 2014 Newsletter

Washington, DC 


Feb. 11, 2014, US Department of Health and Human Services announced latest data on the ACA enrollment for all states in the US, either with State Based Marketplaces (SBM) or Federally-facilitate Marketplaces (FFM):

The cumulative number of individuals that have selected a Marketplace plan between 10-1-13 and 2-1-14 (including those who have paid a premium and those who have not yet paid a premium) is 3.3 million. 

Americans making between the federal poverty level, $11,500 (100%FPL) for an individual and four times that, or $46,000 (400% FPL), qualify for government subsidies to offset the cost of their premiums. 62 percent have selected a Silver Plan.  82 percent of the persons who have selected a Marketplace plan have selected a Marketplace Plan with Financial Assistance.

After a disastrous start as a result of malfunctioning websites, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office revised downward its expectations on how many would enroll in the first year. Instead of 7 million, CBO now expects 6 million.

California, which is running its own marketplace, has enrolled more than 728,000 people—twice as many as any other state. Florida, which is relying on the federal exchange, has enrolled more than 296,000. New York, which has its own marketplace, has the third highest enrollment at 211,000. An estimated 6.3 million people have enrolled in Medicaid through the same period, officials said, but that number includes previous enrollees as well as those who are newly eligible under the law.

Most promising, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, is that 25 percent of those signing up for insurance from October through January were ages 18 to 34 — the young and presumably healthy people whom insurance companies need as customers in order to keep premiums reasonable for everyone, which has increased over last month.

Congressional Budget Office New Report on ACA: In its report, the CBO said the Affordable Care Act, a would reduce the number of hours worked by the equivalent of 2.5 million full-time workers by 2025. That means that workers will decide to reduce their hours, not that employers are reducing the number of jobs.

Latest on the ACA Enrollment for Latinos: "Enrollment problems are playing out in other states with large Hispanic populations as well, including Arizona and Texas...But California stands out as the most troubling case, proponents of the law say, because it has the most Latinos of any state and has worked hard to enroll them." (Jennifer Medina and Abby Goodnough, New York Times)  NHMA is asking for Latino health providers to participate in outreach efforts by contacting the Covered California office in Sacramento, which has information for your practices. Of note, NHMA president was in Sacramento and met with the Latino outreach officer to discuss assisting with media outreach in the Latino communities.

NHMA CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING IN COLLABORATION WITH THE COMMISSION TO END HEALTH DISPARITIES, Feb 11, 2013 – Congresswomen Lucille Roybal-Allard, Congresswoman Donna Christensen, and Congressman Raul Ruiz welcomed the 100 participants to hear about Innovation Policy Recommendations to Reduce Health Disparities: 1) STEM Initiative should include health professions recruitment and retention;  2) Medicare Diabetes program should be expanded;

3) Disability policies need to be expanded to include targeted cultural competence to include minority populations.  


NHMA California Leadership Fellowship, supported by the California Wellness Foundation, selects 10 physicians for public service leadership training in Sacramento, CA in May and in Washington, DC next spring. We hope to continue the effort that has been a tremendous success, nominating and appointing Hispanic physicians to federal government positions that provide input to health care decisions impacting Latino health care programs and policies.

NHMA Council of Residents Mentoring Program, supported by the Office of Minority Health at US DHHS – sign-up and contact John Aguilar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today to meet at the NHMA Conference

NHMA Mentoring and Leadership Program for Medical Students and Public Health Students – the 50 Mentees are all supported by the GE Foundation to participate in a special meeting with NHMA physicians at our Annual Conference  - these are our future community health leaders!

NHMA 2014 – NHMA 18th Annual Conference Update March 28-30, 2014

Register at www.nhmamd.org  for hotel, conference, and if you are interested in sponsoring, exhibits, ads in the conference program or stipends for more medical students to be brought to join our NHMA2014 Annual Conference at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington DC March 28-30, 2014.

Thursday. Mar. 27 -  NHMA Board of Directors meeting and hearing from new Technology Project for Hispanic Health Apps ideas ---New NHHF Board Technology Committee to meet on Thursday evening with key physicians and technology leaders.  

Friday, Mar. 28 - NHMA takes physicians and medical students to Capitol Hill to meet Senate and Congress staff on key policies to eliminate health disparities, increase telemedicine, ACA prevention, and more! Also, Friday morning, HIV/AIDS Breakfast Symposium followed by Exhibit Hall to meet companies and federal government about career options and information for your patients.

Opening Session 1 pm with CMS Leader and presidents from the AMA, AAP, AAFP, ACP, NMA, AAIP, NCAPIP, NHMA, AAMC on the ACA impact on Hispanic patients ---followed by  NHMA Leadership Fellows Class of 2013 policy presentations on Prevention with Cultural Competence Management and Diversity at HHS.  Then workshops – then Interest Group Meetings --- planning the NHMA Fall Region Forums, Council of Residents and the NHMA GE Foundation Mentoring Programs, LMSA meeting and NHMA Council of Young Physician meeting.

LMSA Student Policy Section at the NHMA Annual Conference

Please join students and residents as we discuss policy issues relevant to Latino populations, learn the basics of health policy and contribute towards development of LMSA's policy platform at the Student Policy Section.  Students and residents will have additional opportunities to network and access mentoring resources from the NHMA community. 

For more information please visit lmsa.com/policy or contact the LMSA National Policy Chairs Orlando Sola (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Ankeeta Mehta (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Saturday, Mar. 29-  starts with Cancer Treatment Centers of America Breakfast Symposium followed by  the Plenary on the ACA Accountable Care Organization and Pt Centered Medical Home with speakers from Wellpoint, Texas Blue Cross, NY Presbyterian Cornell Medical Center. Luncheon Speech will be the new EPA Administrator followed by workshops  on medical education, mental health and primary care training, private practice survival techniques – contracts, bank loans, ICD Coding, and technology and social media, and research on Hispanics with chronic disease, obesity and nutrition, and more!  Saturday Evening Awards Gala -- Keynote Speaker: Dr Garth Graham, Aetna Foundation President; Awards to Congressmen Xavier Becerra, Raul Ruiz, Henry Waxman, and Congresswoman Ross Lehtinen, Dr. France Cordova, Wellpoint, Dr. Richard Izquierdo, Dr. Nellie Correa, and more.

Sunday, Mar. 30 -  NHMA Leadership Institute – join the panel of leaders from the White House, Office of Personnel Management, Korn Ferry executive search firm, Office of Minority Health at US DHHS, and FDA inform you on the preparation for careers on Boards and Commissions for Federal government or for corporate boards, hospital boards and more leadership positions.

We will end with a special Media Training ---so again, REGISTER FOR THE CONFERENCE TODAY!  www.nhmamd.org

Medical Educators, Researchers, Private Clinicians in practices, clinics, hospitals and Public Health experts in local, State and Federal government positions ---join the NHMA network and learn expert and current medical management, prevention, mental health and research as well as new best practices to maintain your important health care delivery programs, medical practices for Hispanic populations.


NHMA Fellow – Dr. Alicia Fernandez of UCSF faculty named to Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute – we are proud to nominate one of our own to this important national research organization, part of the ACA.

NHMA Fellow – Dr. Jose Luna, CEO of Centro San Vicente Community Health Center in El Paso, Texas, participated with the White House enrollment event in El Paso that was a pilot activity for the Latino Outreach events to enroll more uninsured in the Marketplaces of the ACA for affordable health care insurance.  Other physicians provided to White House for future events for LATINO ENROLLMENT WEEK – February 24-28, 2014.

Dr. Jorge Girotti represents NHMA to the Latino Medical Student Association Midwest Conference to educate premedical students on how to prepare to apply to medical school and to introduce medical students to the NHMA Organization.

Dr. Kathy Flores appointed to participate with the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation Inter-Professional Education Summit in April to focus on community efforts for new training programs about Hispanic patients.

Dr. Elena Rios appointed to the National Multicultural Advisory Council for WELLPOINT to develop Hispanic patient and physician outreach that will be needed as ACA increases more Hispanic participation.  And meets with the Sacramento CA Leaders at the Office of Statewide Health Planning Foundation, the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California, the new California State Health Department Office of Health Equity to discuss leadership of physicians in California and working with NHMA. 


CVS announces it will end the sales of cigarettes and other Tobacco products in its stores.

Fifty years following the release of the landmark 1964 Surgeon General’s Report, tobacco use rates have declined, lung cancer death rates are falling and most patients visiting health care settings are now asked about  tobacco use as part of the history and physical.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation announces they are ending major leadership training programs in order to develop the next generation of funding for a “Healthy Culture.”  Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, MBA, President and CEO,   invites health leaders to join: the RWJF Leadership Network at www.rwjf.org/leadershipnetwork.  In addition, Dr. Lavizzo-Mourey has announced in her 2014 Message that the Foundation will be closing several long-standing leadership training programs in a major shift for the future funding. The following principles will guide the RWJF as we design new initiatives in Human Capital. We will:

- Significantly expand the number of leaders and scholars we support

- Use advances in technology to create networks and increase the flow of ideas

- Include interdisciplinary and team-based approaches

- Nurture more leaders and scholars who reflect our country’s rich diversity

-Incorporate more deliberate leadership development

-Connect and support leaders who are building a culture of health in America

Salud America! Growing Healthy Change new website ---resources for change

Salud America! is a national online network of researchers, community group leaders, decision-makers, and members of the public working together to support healthy policy and environmental changes that can help reverse obesity among Latino children. The network, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is a project of the Institute for Health Promotion Research (IHPR) at The UT Health Science Center at San Antonio.

Opportunities for Physicians in Las Vegas with Southwest Medical Associates

Bright lights and a great lifestyle! Southwest Medical Associates is proud to announce a variety of opportunities for physicians in Las Vegas, including:

- Gastroenterology

- Hospitalist

- Obstetrics & Gynecology

- Outpatient Internal Medicine or Family Medicine

- Pediatrics

- Urology

Looking for financial stability in a growing, collegial practice, that also offers a superb lifestyle?  Southwest Medical Associates, Nevada's largest multi-specialty physician group with over 200 physicians, is affiliated with Nevada's largest health plan, Health Plan of Nevada, a diversified health care and insurance corporation

We seek board certified physicians with superior diagnostic and preventive medicine skills to join our team! 

You will have the opportunity to work in attractive/modern buildings and enjoy an electronic medical record environment.  A full-time management staff, digital radiology and onsite laboratory services add conveniences at our 14 clinic locations throughout the Las Vegas area.

We offer:

- Market competitive salary, plus attractive bonus plan

- Comprehensive benefits package which includes: medical, dental and life insurance, short term/long term disability, professional liability insurance, matching 401K,  PTO, CME days and annual CME allowance,  and paid holidays.

Contact Kaitlin Osborn today for further information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (952) 936-3888!

Vida Senior Centers - Position Announcement

Vida  Senior Centers, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC, serving low-income, mostly Hispanic seniors, seeks an Executive Director to implement the policies and plans set by the board of directors. The ED will be responsible for directing, overseeing and evaluating the work of 31 staff members in three sites, including management of work toward annual goals, objectives, financial, programmatic, reporting to funding agencies, fund raising, and representing the organization externally. Vida provides culturally and linguistically appropriate services such as psychological and nutrition counseling, exercise and recreation, meals, and referrals to other service providers.

PhD or master's degree preferred, and a minimum of five years of administrative experience with increasing responsibility. Substantial experience in a supervisory capacity, preferably working with a nonprofit organization, is a plus.  Bilingual in English and Spanish preferred.  Competitive salary.

Send application letter with resume and a minimum of three letters of reference to:

Sara E. Meéendez - Savage/Meléndez & Associates, LLC.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


NHMA Newsletter January 2014


Commerce and Energy Committee Subcommittee on Health in the US House of Representatives Jan. 9th Hearing on Extender Policy related to SGR repeal included call for extension of health workforce funding (Health Care Opportunity Program) from DOL, MCH programs and Low Income Medicare funding, among other policies.

National Health Service Corps – which has been a great success in increasing support for Hispanic physicians who have enormous debts in medical school addressing how to develop a national mentoring program with the Corps health professionals.  Could it be that the future recruitment efforts for new Hispanic medical students will be taken up by this program?

More than six million Americans have enrolled in healthcare insurance through their State’s Marketplace or have been found eligible for Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The following are all the forms about health insurance:


NHMA Physicians participate in January White House Media Calls for the States of Texas, Florida and Arizona which do not have their own State Marketplaces with high Hispanic populations -  about the Affordable Care Act and enrolling for health insurance. Hispanics have been the highest proportion of uninsured and it is important to educate our communities about the need for investing in their family’s health care needs with insurance protection.

CuidadoDeSalud.gov is now LIVE and working for our Spanish Speaking Americans interested in understanding health care insurance options and signing up for 2014 coverage in those states that do not have their own Marketplace. 

NHMA lends its support to the Amicus Briefs of the National Health Law Program for the upcoming  US Supreme Court Case on Contraceptive Insurance Coverage - for the important issue of ensuring that women can get comprehensive contraceptive coverage without interference from their employers. This is another example of decreasing healthcare disparities for Latinas who are amongst the poorest women in the nation, needing assistance with primary health care through health insurance.


NEW - NHMA signs agreement to partner with VME Media – PBS Network in Spanish – for an NHMA HEALTH TV SHOW in 2014 that will be broadcast across the U.S.  NHMA Members interested in serving as advisors, editors of content and interviewees ---please contact John Aguilar: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or call the NHMA Office at (202) 628-5895.  Corporate partners interested in supporting the TV Show Project – please contact Dr. Elena Rios.

NEW NHMA California Leadership Fellowship, supported by the California Wellness Foundation – executive leadership program for 10 Physicians in mid-career (5  years post training) from California.  We are seeking those interested in gaining knowledge and skills to become State and Regional leaders in health care that impacts the Latino population. Application is up on website at www.nhmamd.org. Deadline is Jan. 31, 2014.

Sacramento Institute will be May 7-8, 2014 where Fellows will learn about State Policy development and the role of stakeholders to reform health policy and programs and the introduction to Legislators and their healthcare priority legislation issues, State government committees and appointments.  The Fellows will also have a Washington, DC Institute for a day prior to the 3 day NHMA Conference at the end of March, 2015. Doctors who participate must attend both sessions.

NEW NHMA Influenza Campaign for the Association of State and Territorial Health Officers to collect information on best practices among Hispanic physicians, to publish a ToolKit for dissemination across the country and on our websites, at the NHMA Conference – need Advisory Committee now – Contact John Aguilar: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

NHMA – HHS OMH Hispanic Leadership Institute at the NHMA Conference 2014 will include How to Expand Leadership of Corporate Boards of Directors with healthcare professionals who are needed to guide the development of employee health and wellness programs.

NHMA Mentoring Programs --- If you would like to volunteer to be a Mentor for our future healthcare workforce: contact Veronica Ramirez,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Medical Students and Public Health Students -  GE- NHMA Health Professional Student Leadership and Mentoring Program and selected 50 talented students who are now in the program ---and will be sharing their preceptorships and mentoring lessons learned at the NHMA Conference 2014 in Washington, DC, March 27-30, 2014.

NHMA Council of Residents Mentoring Program available for residents and physicians interested in participating either in your region or at the NHMA Conference 2014.  Applications due January 31, 2014.

Undergraduate Premedical Students Mentoring Program – again, we need medical students to be mentors to assist the next generation applying to medical school. Connect to Veronica today!

Responsibilities include monthly email discussions with your student mentee about his/her goals for the year to prepare the mentee for his/her next stage of health career advancement.  Reporting is quarterly and a tracking of the outcomes for the mentees is maintained at NHMA.

NHMA 2014 CONFERENCE – “ACA and Best Practices for Hispanics”  

AGENDA AT A GLANCE:  Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC

March 28

Breakfast Symposia

Congressional Visits and Advocacy Meetings,

Lunch in Exhibit Hall     

Opening Plenary with US Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, CMS Administrator, NIH Director (all invited) followed by Presidents of Medical Associations Response Panel

Workshops – ACA Best Practices

Reception – Women in Medicine

NHHF Board of Directors and Corporate Advisory Board Meetings

March 29 

Cancer Treatment Centers of America;  HIV/HepC Breakfast Symposia

Insurance Company and Health System ACO and Patient Centered Medical Home Innovations

Luncheon Keynote on Health Research from NIH

Workshops on Technology, Apps, Chronic Disease Management/Research, Prevention and Wellness, and new Cultural Competence Medical Education Programs, Journal of NHMA development, and more

Gala Awards Dinner – RWJF President invited to serve as keynote speaker; Latino Health Awards Presentations;  Physician of the Year: Richard Izquierdo, MD of the Bronx; Fellow of the Year: Nellie Correa, MD of the Bronx.

March 30 

NHMA Health Professional Leadership Institute – How to Become a White House Appointee to National Commissions, How to become a Federal employee,  and How to Become a Corporate Board Member – with White House Staff, Corporate CEOs, Executive Search Firm representatives.

Register Now at www.nhmamd.org, Reserve your hotel; sign up for Posters, Recruiter Tables, Exhibit Hall to Advance Health Professions careers and share Hispanic healthcare programs and Sponsorship Opportunities information – for workshop sessions, special events, travel for students to attend. Call Dr. Rios (202-628-5895) if interested in sponsoring or Veronica Ramirez if interested in presenting or posters about research, service or innovations/best practices in health care delivery to share with hospital and medical group leaders from across the nation.


Welcome to our New Members of NHHF Board of Directors:

Roberto Clemente Jr, President, RCJ Global; Beatriz Mallory, President, HispanAmerica; and Russell Bennett, Director, Latino Health Solutions, United HealthCare

Welcome to our New Corporate Board Members:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Medical Director: Esteban Lopez, MD, San Antonio (representing Health Care Corporation Services); Cancer Treatment Centers of America – Russell Williams, Chicago; EMD Serono; and Goya.

NHMA Members on White House Media Calls: Dr. Jose Luna, private practice doctor in El Paso, Texas; Dr. Rene Pulido; Primary Care doctor in Jacksonville, Florida and Dr. Ana Maria Lopez, faculty member and cancer doctor in Tucson, Arizona represent NHMA on White House State Media Calls. 

NHMA President/CEO Dr. Rios joins the Multicultural Advisory Board of Wellpoint for the next 2 years to develop Latino programs targeting all areas of health care insurance outreach for Latino consumers in California, Georgia, New York and other states under Wellpoint.

NHMA starting an NHMA Technology Interest Group from members to meet in February to work with partners on developing apps, technology ideas for delivery of care to Latino populations and services to future physicians such as mentoring. If interested, contact John Aguilar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Join NHMA and get involved with a unique network of young physicians, residents and physicians and other health professionals who are making changes for healthcare delivered to our Latino populations!  Join now and get discounts to our Annual Conference registration and have access to leadership opportunities! Go to www.nhmamd.org today.


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health Resource Center’s (OMHRC) Resource Persons Network (RPN) is a group of professionals who volunteer their services on an as-needed basis in support of OMHRC's mission to improve the health status of racial and ethnic minority groups in the U.S., as well as the knowledge of knowing that their outreach efforts will help, inspire, and create a difference in the minority populations served. Depending on the organization's needs, RP's will be needed to provide technical assistance in the following areas:

  • Reviewing grant proposals
  • Speaking at conferences and workshops
  • Serving as an advisor to committees and work groups
  • Assisting with program/organizational development
  • Offering guidance on preparing reports and speeches

NHMA encourages its members to go to the omh.gov website.

NHMA is partnering with CANOPY for its Online Medical Spanish Course

As many of you have heard, we are announcing additions to our partnership with Canopy, an NIH funded health tech company that develops tools to help healthcare providers to work better with patients who do not speak English. These include:

-a standardized online curriculum for providers to learn Medical Spanish (used by institutions like UCLA and Duke)

-the first Medical Spanish certification exam for bilingual physicians/ nurses/ physician extenders

-a new free iOS medical translator app in over a dozen languages (Spanish, Chinese, Korean, etc) to help you work quickly with patients who do not speak English.

Go to www.canopyapps.com/partners/nhma to learn more.

The Affordable Care Act New Health Insurance Marketplace Program:

Most Americans are now by law required to purchase healthcare insurance and if they don’t will be subject to Income Tax fees.

Consumers can apply for coverage in the Marketplace in several ways: online at HealthCare.gov or CuidadodeSalud.gov; over the phone by calling the 24/7 customer service center (1-800-318-2596, TTY 1-855-889-4325 available in English and Spanish, and with translation in 150 other languages); working with a trained person in your local community (Find Local Help); or by submitting a paper application by mail. You can download the paper application form and instructions from HealthCare.gov.

If you have a Cancelled Health Insurance Policy, Call: 1-866-837-0677

For those who do not purchase health care insurance in 2014, you could be subject to the Individual Shared Responsibility Payment:

2014 Income Taxes - $95 per adult; $47.50 per child or 1% of your income, whichever is higher;

2016 Income Taxes - $695/person or 2.5% income, whichever is higher

Go to HealthCare.gov for enrollment to the ACA Marketplace Insurance Plans – for those uninsured living in states without their own Marketplace and not eligible for Medicaid.  We urge you to sign-up now for health care insurance. Open enrollment ends March 31, 1014.

NHMA Newsletter July 2012

National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA) Newsletter - July 2012
Washington, DC


The ACA was Upheld by the Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) - on June 28 as it was found by Chief Justice Roberts analysis to be constitutional under taxing function. Under the law if Americans or employers do not purchase health care insurance by Jan 1, 2014, they will be given a tax. The other major section of the law that was analyzed was the Medicaid expansion to 133 percent of Federal poverty. The SCOTUS ruling found that the law cannot mandate this, so it is an optional expansion.

While the Court'€™s decision represents a major disappointment for conservatives, it will help ensure a fresh wave of excitement among the base to defeat Obama. Proof of that came in the more than $1 million that Romney's campaign said was raised within four hours of the ruling's announcement.

In terms of Latino patients, we support the importance of upholding the ACA to decrease so many of our uninsured people who will then have access to health care, behavioral health care, and oral health care services. In addition, the State Health Insurance Exchanges will be up and running by Jan. 1, 2014 and will be providing educational outreach campaigns to the public and for the middle class. The health care law extends tax credits to Americans who earn between 100 percent ($11,170) and 400 percent ($44,680) of the federal poverty limit or subsidies to people applying for health insurance (as individuals or as families). Since legal immigrants are not allowed to get Medicaid, they need to be targeted to apply for insurance through the Health Insurance Exchanges.

States will be receiving 100 percent Federal match for two years and up to 90 percent through 2022 and will also face decreasing charity funds to safety net hospitals, so we also hope that more States do expand their Medicaid and increase health insurance to many more working poor. In those States that do not expand Medicaid, we will see more people applying through the Health Insurance Exchange.

The NHMA is also supportive of the ACA because it will increase preventive services to our communities and will also increase the demand for more jobs and health careers for Hispanic students.

Starting in 2014, taxpayers will be required to indicate on their tax returns whether they have health insurance that meets minimal benefits standards. Otherwise, they would owe $95, or 1 percent of taxable income, whichever is greater. The penalty rises to $325, or 2 percent of taxable income in 2015, and then $695, or 2.5 percent of taxable income in 2016, up to a maximum of $2,085 per family.

HHS reported at the end of June 2012, thanks to the Affordable Care Act:

  • Preventive care --including mammograms for women and wellness visits are available at no charge for everyone on Medicare.
  • 54 million Americans gained better preventive service coverage through their private health insurance plans.
  • By August 1, 12.8 million Americans will benefit from rebates provided by their insurance company because the company spent too much of their premium dollars on administrative costs or CEO bonuses.
  • 6.6. million young adults were able to sign up for coverage on their parents’ plans, including 3.1 million young adults who would have been uninsured without the law.
  • 5.3 million people with Medicare who hit the prescription drug donut hole saved $3.7 billion on their prescription drugs.
  • Insurance companies can't drop your coverage because you got sick and made a mistake on your application. Nearly 16 million Americans who purchase insurance in the individual market are no longer at risk of losing their insurance.
  • Insurance companies can no longer limit the amount of coverage you can receive in a lifetime. Nearly 105 million privately insured American can now live with the security of knowing that their coverage will be there when they need it the most.

Dream Act Executive Order
On June 15, President Obama and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that the Administration would grant temporary relief from deportation to young people who came to the U.S. when they were children with their parents and would qualify for the DREAM Act. The announcement comes after years of sustained advocacy by Senators Durbin, Reid, Menendez, members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Dream Act students and advocacy groups. Sen. Menendez and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus have long advocated for immigration benefits for Dream Act eligible youth and the families of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents.

Senate Appoints Mari Carmen Aponte, Esq as Ambassador to El Salvador - we applaud the Senate's support of one of our outstanding leaders in Washington, DC - Mari Carmen was the first Executive Director acting --for the Hispanic Serving Health Professions Schools, Inc.

This week, the Senate passed the Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act (S. 3240) with strong bipartisan support by a roll call vote of 64-35. This farm bill cuts over $23 billion dollars in spending by eliminating unnecessary direct payment subsidies, consolidating programs to end duplication, and cracking down on food assistance abuse. Nutrition programs strengthened with the SNAP program (formerly known as food stamps).


NHMA LEADERSHIP FELLOWSHIP ----the Class of 2012 Fellows will be arriving in NYC for the NYU Institute July 15 for the week of intensive lectures on health disparities, prevention policy, uninsured issues and stakeholder meetings €“ from media, to public hospital leaders, to physician leaders in corporate and academic careers, to advocates and health foundations. The NHMA Leadership Fellowship trains mid career physicians to prepare for national leadership with network with thought leaders and skill building with policy analysis skills, leadership skills and health policy sessions. This program is funded by US DHHS HRSA.

NHMA Leadership Fellows Reception--JULY 19th 6-8 pm, NY Academy of Medicine; Please rsvp by July 17th to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Speaker is the new NYState Minority Health Director Yvonne Graham and Hispanic Health Leadership Awards will be presented to Bronx Borough President Diaz, State Senator Rivera and NBC Latino producer Nina Terrero. Join us and bring a colleague!

NHMA RESIDENT LEADERSHIP PROGRAM NY Institute Meetings happened June 10-12 and were a huge success with 8 residents attending from across the nation. The Residents learned about the importance of career decisions in public health, meeting with 9 Federal agency leaders in Region II of HHS and with the president, NYAM; with the United Nation and the World Health Organization leaders, with Academic leaders from the Centers of Excellence as well as area research medical school faculty. The program culminated with a brainstorming about the building of Residents roles and activities in NHMA and the importance of NHMA mentoring program development for other residents and medical students. This program is funded by US DHHS HRSA. Of note €“ the August California Resident Leadership Program is also supported by the California Health Foundation.

The Resident Leaders have requested a list of FELLOWSHIPS for policy and public health training that residents can apply to. We are also looking for doctors who have participated in these fellowships – NRSA, RWJF, Commonwealth Fund, PEW, RAND, others so we can provide a mentoring/role model list for our Resident members on our website.

MENTORS for the NHMA Council of Residents needed ----NHMA is proud to announce that our Residents are very interested in formalizing a mentorship program with NHMA Fellows and Physician members. We encourage you to consider face to face meetings at our regional and national events or on your own and regular contact by email (perhaps every other month). We would like to start small and follow progress ----please reply to Nuvia Flores, NHMA Administrative Assistant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in serving as a Mentor.

NEW NHMA CME Online Program-- We have started this program to provide lectures on topics related to improving healthcare for Latino patients. You can find the CME program on our website, www.nhmamd.org under Resources for Physicians. We are starting with two lectures on Obesity and on Diabetes. We will be uploading more lectures on Hispanic health from the NHMA 15th and 16th Annual Conferences. CME being provided by Morehouse School of Medicine and will be offered Free to Members.

NHMA 16th ANNUAL CONFERENCE--Go to our NHMA Website (www.nhmamd.org) for upcoming CME online lectures from the conference through videos. Tell your colleagues about our conference - the only national conference dedicated to bringing together experts who provide care and oversee programs in Latino populations to share how to improve the health of Latinos across the nation. All videos now online. Transcripts soon to be uploaded.


NHMA is proud to announce a new partnership with AARP which is offering our members over 50 years old with an AARP Membership Discount --- and the organization that focuses on €œLife after 50€ will support NHMA and help to build our programs. See the MEMBERSHIP SECTION of our Website.

As NHMA plans to develop Regional Structure and Events, we are enhancing membership in all regions of the nation.

New NHMA COUNCIL OF MEDICAL STUDENTS MEMBER CATEGORY started to include 3rd year and beyond to be provided Mentoring and develop networking and knowledge about health policy and advocacy activities of NHMA.

New Single Donor Campaign started to provide tax deductible contributions to NHMA Programs through the NHMA's Foundation, the National Hispanic Health Foundation. Go to www.nhmafoundation.org today to support the NHMA and NHHF Programs.

New NHMA JOINT MEDICAL SOCIETY MEMBER CATEGORY started to have one fee from a State or Regional Hispanic medical society with automatic enrollment of its members. Members will gain discount registration at NHMA Annual Conference, invitations to national Boards and Commissions and to NHMA regional events.

HispanicHealth.info ---our Portal of Hispanic Health Information for Physicians, health professionals to provide to their patients ----please visit and use the information. Calendar of Events is also located there!

For NHMA Members ----we encourage you to reply with your announcements of accomplishments at the national level – to show our reach to educate our health professional conferences, boards and commissions, conferences with your expertise as advisors, as participants and as speakers. The mission of NHMA is to empower Hispanic physicians to improve the health of our communities ----so we would like to showcase you and others and hope to inspire all of us to continue to build our networks.

This past month NHMA partnered with the Latino Commission on Aids from NYC to develop national agendas and efforts on the eve of the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC. Our Executive Director of the National Hispanic Health Foundation, Nathalie Manzano represented NHMA at the June press conference announcing HIV AIDS efforts for Latinos by the Latino Commission on Aids in NYC. NHMA President, Dr. Elena Rios and the Commission's CEO, Guillermo Chacon released a press release announcing the historic partnership.
Dr. Kathy Flores, Chairwoman of the NHMA Board of Directors, was in Washington, DC to speak for the United Health Foundation Diverse Scholars Program for 70 scholarship winners from UHF that were provided to 10 different Latino organizations in 2011. NHHF is one of the recipients and 4 of our medical, public health and nursing students award winners participated to hear about health career and health policy issues.

Please bring your colleagues to www.NHMAmd.org to join NHMA and view all our Affinity Programs “ for discounts on financial planning, e – medical records modules, and more. Members are provided with special leadership focused efforts such as nominations to national government and corporate boards and commissions, participation as representatives for NHMA at national conferences.

JOIN TODAY AS AN NHMA MEMBER€“ www.nhmamd.org or call Lucy Pacheco at 202.628.5895.


Keynote speaker: Dr. Alejandro Mohar Betancourt, General Director of the National Cancer Institute of Mexico.
Focus: The Environment and its Impact on Cancer
Registration: www.cancercare.org/connect or call Mercy Clark at (408) 280-0811

AHRQ€™ Medication Tracking Tool Now Available in Spanish

To promote safer care and the importance of Patient Safety Awareness Week (March 4–10), AHRQ'€™s Spanish-language medication tracking tool, “Su medicamento: Infórmese. Evite riesgos.€ (“Your Medicine: Be Smart. Be Safe.”), can help Spanish-speaking patients learn more about how to take medicines safely. The brochure includes a detachable, wallet-size card that patients can personalize to keep track of their medicines, including vitamins and herbal and other dietary supplements. To download a copy of this tool, visit http://www.ahrq.gov/consumer/safemedsp/yourmedssp.pdf.
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has released Aprende a vivir (Learn to Live), a videonovela to help Spanish-speaking diabetes patients compare their treatment options and find one that is best for them. Patterned after Latin American-style soap operas, Aprende vivir tells the story of Don Felipe, head of the Jiménez family, and his health problems caused by poor management of his type 2 diabetes. Viewers will have the option of selecting captions in Spanish or English. The episodes, which vary from 4 to 6 minutes each, also will be posted on AHRQ’s Spanish-language Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/AHRQehc.espanol).
NHMA Joins as a Partner and encourages you to do the same – go to

Million Hearts„ is a national initiative that was launched by the Department of Health and Human Services in September 2011 to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes over five years. Heart disease and stroke are two of the leading causes of death in the United States. Million Heartsâ„¢ brings together communities, health systems, nonprofit organizations, federal agencies, and private-sector partners from across the country to fight heart disease and stroke.

New Issue Focuses on Clinical-Community Linkages to Improve Chronic Disease Care
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) announces the July 3 issue of the Health Care Innovations Exchange (http://go.usa.gov/waY).

  • The featured Innovations describe a community-level partnership that used lay health advisers and a public-private initiative that leveraged community health teams to improve chronic disease care.
  • The featured QualityTools include a toolkit to help communities develop asthma management programs and a toolkit designed to support providers of self-management education programs focused on chronic conditions.
  • The Innovations Exchange Web Site contains more than 700 searchable innovations and 1,500 QualityTools. For more content related to clinical-community linkages, including innovations and tools, go to http://go.usa.gov/wOE.

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, The City College of New York

The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at The City College of New York is seeking an energetic and visionary leader to direct the essential academic functions of the School. The School includes a unique 7-year combined BS-MD program and a PA Program with the social mission of diversifying the pipeline of medical care providers, providing medical services in historically underserved areas, and increasing the availability of primary care practitioners. The School is undergoing a major reorganization together with a renewal of its medical curriculum. The Deputy Dean will have the opportunity to shape these efforts. Additional information available at http://med.cuny.edu

Responsibilities include:
- Serve as Deputy to the Dean for all facets of the educational mission of the institution.
- Manage and lead renewal of the biomedical curriculum.
- Support and broaden clinical relationships in support of an evolving curriculum.
- Supervise and build the divisions of the School that support and evaluate student academic success.
- In consultation with the Dean, develop strategies to advance the School and its mission with University, legislative professionals, funding and accreditation groups, and other organizations.

The successful candidate must hold an MD and/or PhD and demonstrate experience in academic administration in leadership positions together with a record of scholarly accomplishments sufficient to support appointment at the rank of Associate or Full Professor. Other requirements include: excellent interpersonal, organizational and team-building skills, and experience working in a setting that values and promotes diversity. EO/AA Employer.

Applicants should send letter of interest and qualifications, curriculum vitae, and the names and e-mail addresses of five references to be contacted at a later date to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- OR -
Marthe R. Gold, MD, MPH
Chair of Search Committee for the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs
c/o Vanessa Jennings
The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education
The City College of New York
160 Convent Avenue, Harris Hall, Suite 301
New York, NY 10031-9198



University of Connecticut Health Center

Director, Internal Medicine Clinic at the Burgdorf Health Center

The Department of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine at the University of Connecticut Health Center is seeking applications from Board Certified general internists for the position of Director, Internal Medicine Clinic at the Burgdorf Health Center at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor. The successful candidate will have experience in managing ambulatory care facilities, excel at patient care, educating medical residents and students, and academic pursuits including quality improvement, program development, and/or research. Knowledge of Spanish is preferred. The Burgdorf, an NCQA certified Patient Centered Medical Home, is an ambulatory care center serving the needs of an underserved community in the North End of Hartford, CT and is a major teaching site for medical student and resident education for the University. The Burgdorf is also a major affiliate of the CT Institute for Primary Care Innovation, a collaboration between UConn and St. Francis Hospital. 

The University of Connecticut Health Center will be adding about 100 new faculty members over the next few years as part of an exciting new initiative (Biosciences Connecticut), which also includes construction of a new patient care tower, ambulatory care building, renovation of research space, and expansion of the medical student class size. 

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and curriculum vitae at https://jobs.uchc.edu, search no. 2012-1047. Contact person is Ms. Cherell Curtis at 860-679-3493.

 UCHC is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/N/PwD

NHMA Newsletter July 2011

National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA) Newsletter - July 2011

Washington, DC


Medicaid Needs to be Saved
The proposed Budgets for FY2012 announced in April by Budget Chairman, Congressman Paul Ryan and by President Obama both call for major cuts in federal programs, including health care programs across the government agencies. How much we cut and what programs get cut more than others is yet to be determined this summer as the Discussions and Proposals regarding the US Debt Ceiling (which is going to be reached on August 2nd) and how to avoid Default on Loans – which means we need new revenues as well as savings to the Federal budget.
Of note, the Entitlement Programs, Medicaid and Medicare and Social Security are being proposed by the Republican leadership to be drastically changed for the next generation to decrease these costs to the Federal government ----Medicaid to become a block grant program, shifting burden to the States; Medicare to become a voucher program so that individuals bear more of the costs; Social Security to have age increases for eligibility.
As we complete the first week of July 2011 (the last month Congress is in session before their August recess), the MEDICAID PROGRAM seems to be the most vulnerable of the three – as the Governors across America face Budget Crises with this recession and the Congressional and Senate Democratic Leadership have called for a LINE IN THE SAND of no Medicare or Social Security Benefit Changes.  President Obama had called for a $4 Trillion savings bill over 10 years; the HHS Secretary Sebelius has already identified billions of dollars of health programs to be cut.  However, the President is now talking about a smaller savings ($2 Trillion) since the Republican leaders are not willing to support revenues such as taxes on the rich to avoid the draconian cuts on entitlements.
NHMA urges you to join our LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGN TO CONGRESS – go to www.nhmamd.org , to the Government Affairs at the top menu bar, then to the Legislative Action Center and send in your personalized letter demanding to save Medicaid as it is ====the safety net insurance program to cover more of the working poor uninsured in our communities as well as providers/health plans who care for the poor.
NHMA is organizing meetings with other coalitions  this month; also NHMA has invited presidents of national Hispanic health professional associations to Capitol Hill to meet with key Democratic and Republican Senate and Congress offices to voice our concern for Latino health.

The US Surgeon General led Public Health and Prevention Council announced its report and advisory council to discuss prevention priorities for many Federal agency programs and the new Public Health and Prevention Trust Fund to help our Latino communities.
Section 4302 of the Affordable Care Act mandated new and improved Racial/Ethnic Data Indicators for Federal programs and data collection efforts that were recently announced by Dr. Graham, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Minority Health at HHS. Of note, Hispanic groups required by federal survey will include Mexican American, Puerto Rican American, Cuban American, Other Hispanic American. There will be flexibility for added subpopulations for surveys as needed in certain regions of the nation. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has released for public comment the proposed data collection standards for self-reported demographic information regarding race, ethnicity, sex, primary language, and disability status. To learn more about the process, to review the proposed standards, and to learn how the public may comment by Aug. 1st, please visit:  http://minorityhealth.hhs.gov/section4302/

Health Insurance Exchange Principles – NHMA part of safety net providers and health plans sent this list on the eve of the new Regulations for State HIE to be announced July 11th :
Our coalition of safety net health care providers and plans exists to ensure that low-income and high-needs populations have access to meaningful, high-quality health coverage and care through state-based health insurance Exchanges.   We believe that Exchanges should:

  • Promote Integration of Health Coverage Programs Serving Low-Income People (Medicaid, CHIP, proposed HIE subsidies).
  • Provide Meaningful Coverage and Benefits.
  • Require Broad Outreach to and Communication with Diverse Populations, especially LEP and immigrants who are from other cultural backgrounds.
  • Facilitate Participation by Health Plans and community providers Currently Serving Medicaid and CHIP.
  • Include Critical Community Providers.
  • Promote Access to Care, including subsidies and affordable insurance products to families and individuals.
  • Provide Continuous Eligibility for Coverage, not month to month.
  • Establish Fair Provider Payment Practices and including bonuses for practicing in underserved areas


NHMA Health Care Reform Regional Discussions were a great success with over 500 community leaders, physicians, policymakers participating in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington, DC, El Paso. Congresswoman Napolitano and Congressman Sylvestre Reyes and HHS speakers participated in these lively discussions.   Most attendees knew little about the new opportunities and programs that have already been started by HHS and other Federal agencies that will transform our health delivery programs in hospitals, clinics, medical practices and increase home health, community prevention and affordable insurance to many Latinos.
Topics discussed included:
Grants needed to community organizations and academia for Latino focused programs
Physician incentives for e-medical records and billing and health information technology
Prevention services – especially in nutrition, physical activity in our communities
Research for Hispanic communities needed
Training for GME in clinics and community outreach needed from CMS
Immigrant care under the new ACA needed to be a priority
Integrated care models will be important
Need for more Hispanic provider leaders and participants in the implementation of HHS programs in our communities
Value based reimbursement, dual eligibles coordination, medical groups survival and hospital survival in our communities ...and more.

NHMA 16th Annual Conference  ---“Innovations that Improve Health of Hispanics, Families and Communities.  April 26-29, 2012, Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC.

We invite you to submit abstracts for speeches to share your ideas for strategies to improve policies, medical education, research, clinical care and prevention, mental health, oral health and physical health....go to our Conference Box on the Home Page for more the ABSTRACTS and more information today. Tell your colleagues about our conference - the only national conference dedicated to bringing together experts who provide care and oversee programs in Latino populations to share how to improve the health of Latinos across the nation.

Kellogg Foundation Awards NHHF and NHMA a Child Obesity Health Communications and Policy Project for 2 years.
The purpose of the initiative is to empower NHMA physicians with knowledge from Federal programs to discuss obesity issues with communities, child care, schools and to present recommendations for policy development at the end of two years to the Latino Caucuses of California and New York about policies for communites that can impact the health of children up to the age of 8 years old.
NHHF is developing the Communications structure of its portal, HispanicHealth.info and online community with the physician leaders and will convene a Medical Leadership Institute at the NY Academy of Medicine in the Fall.  NHMA is developing the background research and inviting a Federal Panel of Experts to discuss their agencies current programs and policies for child obesity. We are working with consultants to develop the reports for the health communications programs - media, State Policy Summits.  We inviteNHMA member physicians in the states to join us in the project. Call us today.

NHMA is proud to announce that we have received the second year award from US DHHS Health Resources and Services Administration(HRSA) to start recruiting our leadership programs for the CLASSES OF 2012 ---All day Orientation Meetings will take place on April 26, 2012 at the NHMA 16th Annual Conference in Washington, DC.
NHMA Leadership Fellowship Program - 
for mid-career Physicians – 5 years out of training who have documented leadership experience and a strong interest in public service careers especially at the national level. This is an executive leadership training in collaboration with the NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service Leadership Center and the NY Academy of Medicine. The program is supported by the US DHHSHRSA. The 2 weeks of training are now being finalized for the Fellowship NYU Institute for mid July and the DC Institute for mid September, 2012.
NHMA Resident Leadership Program for  primary care residents interested in public service or academic leadership careers. We are looking for 20 residents who must be available for a Sunday - Tuesday institute in New York in May or in Sacramento, California in August, 2012.

NHMA 15th ANNUAL CONFERENCE - Videos/PowerPoints and Photos from all SESSIONS are available this month on our website, www.nhmamd.org.
We are in progress to have the Diabetes and Obesity Friday morning sessions available for Online CME over the next year.

NHMA's Foundation - the National Hispanic Health Foundation - Scholarship Applications NOW AVAILABLE  – for medical, nursing, dental, public health, policy and pharmacy students – in NY, NJ, CT and CA ----Winners will be honored at our Santa Monica, California Gala on Nov. 10th and our NYC Gala on Dec. 1st.  We invite you to sponsor the Scholarship Fund to support the next generation of Latino health leaders for the nation. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info – David Caicedo, NHHF Program Officer, NHHF Office in NY.  See: www.nhmafoundation.org


JOIN NHMA Now and take advantage of our NEW AFFINITY PROGRAMS – discount services to members that provide savings to your practices and organizations and contributions back to the NHMA.
NHMA Represents Hispanic Community to Federal Health Care Meetings: PLEASE NOTE WE ARE ACTIVELY NOMINATING REPRESENTATIVES to serve as Speakers, Attendees at Federal Meetings and Conferences. Join NHMA as a Member (www.nhmamd.org) and you will added to the List Serves where we announce these opportunities.

Dr. Elena Rios served as Moderator at this Year's Annual Health Policy Summit of the National Council of Hispanic and Black State Legislators – NHMA President moderated the 2 day conference on Health Care Reform for States that included speakers from US DHHS Region IV, CMS, and State policymakers and national health policy experts. The meeting ended with working group presentations on how to improve education of constituents, improve provider participation and developing priorities for State implementation of the new Affordable Care Act.
Health Equity Accountability Act of 2011 Working Group led by the Asian Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF) to provide recommendatios to the Asian and Pacific Islander, Black, and Hispanic Congressional Caucuses for the 112th Congress Bill to advance Minority Health in this country. NHMA has been appointed to work with the National Minority Aids Council to develop the meetings with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus members to garner supporters before the bill is introduced in the Fall.  

BIO Diversity SummitDr. Rios spoke at the Third Diversity Summit with Dr. Louis Sullivan, former Secretary, US DHHS, Dr. Vivian Pinn, Director, NIH Office of Research on Women’s Health, Gary Puckrien, Director, National Minority Quality Forum moderated by Dr. Freida Lewis-Hall, Chief Medical Officer, Pfizer at this International Conference of major biotechnology companies.
NHMA invited to working meetings this past month, including:

Novo Nordisk Initiative: Picture This Diabetes with the Cable and Telecommunications Association, Entertainment Industry Association
to hear from key writers of media – TV cable shows with shows such as Nurse Jackie and Radio CBS News. Diabetes needs to become more in the public domain.  Again, NHMA has been requested to consider our member physicians to be involved in media and entertainment projects.
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Alligning Forces for Quality National Advisory Committee - this committee is analyzing the efforts of several health systems across the nation to make recommendations for quality indicators and programs to better serve our nation.
RWJF and AARP Future of Nursing Initiative - to increase the integration and the leadership of nurses in our health delivery system

NY Academy of Medicine Cultural Competence Special Interest Group - Dr. RIos (a NYAM Fellow) serves on this committee with other NYAM Fellows to educate the NY area providers on improved cultural competence health policies/programs
Latino HITN Show: DESTINATION CASA BLANCA focused on the Health Information Technology for Latinos - including EMRs for providers, jobs and careers for community college students and need for health reform transparency with data collection, coordinated care with EMRs, and patient online health information – Dr. Rios was on cable tv through the HITN (Hispanic Telecommunications Network) with host Ray Suarez, other panelists included Danny Vargas, Latino Telecommunications project, Sharon Baskerville, the DC Regional Center for the Office of the National Coordinator, and Dr. Bill Rollow from IBM.
June 30th: US Department of Health and Human Services HIV/AIDS 30 Year Anniversary US DHHS Secretary Sebelius, Assistant Secretary of Health Dr. Howard Koh, NIAID Director, Dr. Fauci, and other HIV leaders discuss the progress made to increasing quality life and treatment for HIV AIDS patients.
JOIN NHMA AND JOIN A NETWORK OF HISPANIC PHYSICIAN LEADERS AND OTHER HEALTH PROFESSIONAL LEADERS COMMITTED TO IMPROVING THE HEALTH OF OUR COMMUNITIES - GO TO www.nhmamd.org box on right column "Join NHMA Now" and see the benefits of a unique national network, education opportunities, leadership development programs and advocacy to reduce health disparities.  Call Sara Classen in our office at 202-628-5895 for more information.






UMass Memorial Medical Group, a clinical partner of the University of Massachusetts Medical School ranked in
the top 8* for Primary Care among the nation’s medical schools, is seeking physicians in Central Massachusetts.

Current career opportunities: Anesthesiology, Neurology, Cardiology, OB/GYN, Dermatology, Ophthalmology,
Diabetes/Endocrinology, Orthopedics, Family Medicine, Otolaryngology, Hematology/Oncology, Pediatrics,
Hospital Medicine, Physiatry, Infectious Disease, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, Med/Peds,
Geriatrics, and Rheumatology.
Come join our highly regarded team where physicians have a voice and the freedom to pursue their entrepreneurial
spirit. Practice, learn and discover at UMass Memorial Medical Group.
Compensation includes base salary with attractive incentives and excellent benefits.

For more information on these and other opportunities, please contact the Physician Recruitment Department:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 508-334-8779, Fax: 508-793-6329
Or visit our website:
As an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer, we embrace diversity in both our workforce and our approach
to patient care.
*As ranked by the U.S. News & World Report in 2011

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